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Going to Canada 9-20-08

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Weekender and I are headed to Canada next weekend. Im really nervous about leaving the USA and hope they let me back...LOL

We will be parking in Elliot Lake Ont. and headed North from there on our quads for a 6 day adventure into crown land. So we will have to pack or quads with everything we will need to survive for 6 days in the bush. I found a big Plastic trunk at Walmart(lol) last night and going to try and mount it to my rear rack for some storage. But the real problem im running into is how am I going to haul enough gas? Thinking of stack Fuel packs on top of the boxes? I also checked out my winch and I have to tap the motor with a hammer to get it to work, otherwise it just clicks at the solenoid. So any recommendations on what to lube the inside with? I did remove the other end and re greased all the gears.
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GrizzlyWizard i wish i had time to hook up with ya. But im looking into getting one of those wagons. I have access to a John Deere Wagon that would hook right up to my quad very easy, but the tires are a little small and the axle dont have much ground clearance. Ill have to check the rim size i may have some taller tires around here in garage.
Here is the cart I can take with me...Do you think that could with stand getting pulled by a ATV with that solid suspension?

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I found a little taller tire that is a 6ply for it
Well we didnt go to Canada :( but went to the U.P. for a great 4 day 550 trip.
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