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Get Involved! California Legislature Threatens OHV Funds!

June 16, 2009 - The California Legislature is threatening OHV recreation by planning to use the OHV Trust Fund to finance projects in state parks that don't allow OHV use. OHV enthusiasts can't afford to allow Trust Fund money to be taken from funding OHV projects as the California Legislature has already taken $90 million earlier this year. The OHV program in California is exclusively funded by OHV gasoline taxes and other fees associated with OHV use. OHV projects require no money from California's General Fund unlike the California State Parks. We urge you to have your voices heard to protect one of the few well-operating, self-funded programs in California. The OHV Trust Fund should be used as a model for other programs in California rather than a bank to be used for other projects that don't benefit OHV users.

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