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gbc dirt commander

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has anyone seen these out yet or have them
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I do not think that they have been released yet.
From what I've read they just keep delaying the release. I think they had done a good job to build suspense\excitement a couple monts ago. But now a lot of people have just lost interest.
i am waitin on they're release.......i have tried contacting GBC and they're Email doesn't work.....and i am having a hard time getting a hold of them.......crappy service
I myself am having very much trouble reaching gbc motorsports, so don't feel bad! has the dirt commander s in ,but only in 14 inch,ineed 12 inch unless ibuy new rims ,gary from kg said the 12s should be in soon. gbc also came out with a 8 ply radial call spartacus, looks nice too.u can see tmem at
At least they are starting to trickle in. This has taken forever.
one of the guys from GBC told me he'd shoot me an email when he gets em in
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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