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What is it? If you go to User CP/profile, you will see two links beside the signature modification text box titled "Garage Signature Cards. I click on them and there is a bunch of different links to copy, but there are no pictures displayed? Am I missing the software needed to view these signature cards?
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The garage signature card is suppose to do something like I've attached. However, in the version of the garage we're running, there's a bug with the card where on some servers, rather than the image displaying, it simply gives a red X. Currently bandit is using the garage sig card and you see the red X for his sig.

An update of the garage has just been released that I will be working on installing so hopefully it will fix the bug.



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Hey Rat. I think we have it set so you ahve to have a certain number of posts before you can create a garage. HOWEVER, we're about to push out a new site and are shooting for next Sunday the 27th. When that happens all current garages will be lost as we're moving to an entirely new platform and software. So, you may want to wait til we do the release to setup your garage. In the meantime, post away to get that post count on up.

The new site should also take care of your speed issues I saw you posted a minute ago.

Thanks for your patience.

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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