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07-09 Kawasaki KFX450 Intake System
“Ultimate Bolt on Power”
  • Unique tapered design to create velocity
  • Improved throttle response
  • Increased hp & tq across the rpm range
  • 8ply filter for enhanced protection
  • O.E.M. Fit and Finish
  • Optional high flow box

Includes Everything you NEED!
  • Tapered Airhorn Tube
  • 8ply Filter
  • Outerwear
  • Bracket
  • Airbox Included

All right all of you sport quadding junkies, its time for the power lesson on the KFX 450R project. If you are looking for one of the biggest bangs for your buck, look no further than the California-based company, Fuel Customs. These guys offer what is one of the best “bolt on power” on the market.

Fuel Customs gives their 100% guarantee that the products they offer will give you more power and better power than any other competitor in the industry.

We were lucky enough to get in touch with Garrett Torres, owner of Fuel Customs and he agreed to send us the KFX 450R Intake System that they had designed. After talking with Garrett, it was very apparent that he new everything there was to know about getting as much power out of a machine as possible, and I new at this point we were in for a treat.

Garrett found in his dyno testing facility in Pomona, California that the Dasa Racing exhaust produces the most power in conjunction with his intake system and it just so happens that I had a Dasa full exhaust system on the way.

When the Fuel Customs intake system arrived, it consisted of the new intake, air box and a unique 8ply air filter, another industry first. Just looking at the sleek design of the Fuel Customs products I new that this was going to give us some more giddy up.

Let me touch on this new 8ply air filter: Fuel Customs uses an 8ply filter offer maximum protecting and still offers more air flow than any of the other competitors 4ply filters. These things are large and are super well built. Another feature of this setup is that the filter is so durable that it can be used with or without the air box. That is saying something for the workmanship of the products coming out of Fuel Customs.

The intake itself has a revolutionary design that is machined to fit where the OEM intake fits but also allows for aftermarket shocks to fit as well. This eliminates having to reposition the intake. This design allows a lot more air to flow and funnel directly to the heart of the machine letting it breath and pump out that extra little bit of boost. Not only will you see a change horsepower and superb low end torque, but throttle response was a lot more “snappy” that the stock setup.

I would like to also add that the kit that we received had the standard black intake tube. However, Fuel Customs went a step further and has an optional green intake tube available for an even more custom look.

In comparing the stock system and the Fuel Customs setup, it was like night and day. The stock system, although decent, was small and restricted a tremendous amount of air flow with the air box seal tightly not letting any ventilation in. The geometry of the stock intake is also such that it does not allow air flow smoothly and rapidly from the filter to the airbox. Fuel Customs' setup was a good bit larger and much more open exposing it to more fresh clean air.

As for durability, there is no question that the Fuel Customs kit was built to last, strong and solid this kit gets a big thumbs up!

In conclusion, I was very pleased with this new setup by Fuel Customs. They have the entire industry playing catch up and it is without a doubt the best “Bolt on Power,” on the market to date. I would like to thank Garrett Torres at Fuel Customs for his contribution to this project and look forward to seeing his new designs in the future. Fuel Customs offers a these systems for not only the Kawasaki but also Honda’s TRX and Yamaha’s YZF and Raptor.

(Web site) Fuel Customs - Home
(Phone) (909) 594-6082
(Email) Fuel Customs - Home
(Address) 3227 Producer Way, Ste # 127, Pomona, CA 91768



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