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For the slower movin days

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Hey what do you think about a review on this. I have a home made cup holder, but this one would allow me to move where I hold my drink/ adult bev on occasion. I saw this at Cabella's and this is the part/stock # RAM® ATV Drink Holder Item:XJ-520992


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How ya gonna keep the mud out of yer drink ?? :rotfl:

Oh wait ... you said for the "Slower Mov'in Days" didn't ya ?? ..... :cheer:

Later ...
Yeah, it would allow me to move my location from the front to the rear, which ever worked best. Currently I use a home made holder in the center of my handle bar. Ok location, but I can't see my pod for info during the ride with a drink. Not a real issue, just thought it was kinda cool.:beer"
Hey I had a nice cupholder setup made into the gas cap cover lid thingy on that thing. Did you trash my creation?
Didn't trash it, but splashes me, well you can figure out where, looks like I wet myself, :) I have one on my handle bars, just thought that one was cool. not really a big desire, more of a joke.
If it splashes you, you're not drinking your coca-cola fast enough.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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