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Fly Aero Tapered Handlebars; Renthal grips; Moose Racing Handguards.

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Having recently tagged a wash at high speed, with enough force to bend the handlebars on my Renegade down and at an unequal angle, it was time to replace the handlebars with a better, more comfortable set. I chose Fly Aero Tapered handlebars, in a black aluminum color, with a CR High bend. The handlebars have 1 1/8" center tubing, and taper to 7/8" at the ends. The larger center section and tapering section add strength and help damp out vibration. They are heavy wall, strong handlebars, that are light weight.

To use these bars on a Can Am Renegade you need to convert to a 1 1/8" bar mount, and for that I used a Tusk Off Road Universal Big Bar Clamp Kit, from Rocky Mountain ATV. The big bar clamp kit also functions as a small handlebar riser, raising the handlebars by 3/4".

I am particular when it comes to handlebar set up, and have become accustomed to a certain handlebar width and bend from years of dirt bike racing. I prefer the CR High bend on pretty much any motorcycle or ATV that I ride, so I chose that bend with these handlebars. I also cut 1" off of each end of these handlebars to get the rather narrow width that I am used to with my dirt bike. I like the narrow width on the bike, and prefer the same width on my ATV. The CR High bend feels absolutely perfect on the Can Am Renegade, and is much more comfortable than stock.

For hand protection I chose the strong, yet trim and non-obtrusive Moose Racing Handguards. They are stout aluminum construction, and don't bend or flex like open end designs.

For grips I prefer Renthal, with their firm compound. I don't like soft squishy grips, and the Renthal grips are comfortable, durable, and allow for precise control in all conditions. I use Renthal grips on all of our ATVs and motorcycles.

Overall, the handlebar upgrade has been a great improvement. Rider comfort, and ease of control are critically important, especially on an ATV with the handling and speed capabilities of the Renegade 800R. Fly Aero Handlebars are an excellent product that I highly recommend.

Contact Information:
Fly Racing
Fly Racing Homepage | Fly Racing
Telephone: (208 ) 376-8400
[email protected]

Renthal - We Build Championships
Telephone (Toll Free): (877) 736-8425
Telephone (Local): (661) 257 2986
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Moose Racing
Moose Racing 2009
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That's a nice look'in setup 3TV !!! But I thought you liked those "Fast" bars ??

I really like the moose handguards. And like you wrote, they look plenty beefy !

Again, the bike looks sharp & the control center looks real sharp. :icon_thumleft: :icon_thumleft:

Later ...
I have the fasst flexx bars on our Grizzly. They work nice, but they are very heavy, at over twice the weight of these handlebars and handgaurds combined. Plus, I wanted to go with a lower cost alternative this time around.

As an update, I have installed Moose Contour Hand Gaurds to help keep the brush and roost away from my hands. I like the Moose hand gaurds because they are a simple design that is easy to install. They are stout, and should last a long time. And they are cheap too, at just $24. I bought them at Cedar City Motorsports, in Cedar City, UT. Here's a few pics:

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Dang, I never realized the Fast Flex where that heavy ... so I can see why ya would want a ligther bar.

The Moose hand guards look good dude .... I'll bet that bike is a freak'in blast to ride. :cheer: :cheer:

It's raining pretty good up here right now, may be com'in yer way tonite or tomorrow ... bess get out there & ride !! :hello:

Again 3TV ... nice look'in bike !!! :eek:ccasion14:

Later ...:seesaw:
Feel free to PM me any time you are headed down this way Gunny. We'll arrange the schedule so we can go riding with you, and show you some of the more fun areas down this way.

Check Big Guy ... Thanks !!! ;;t;; ;;t;;

Later ...
Nice ATV, I also purchase for my youngster son last year.
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