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First Clutch weight change!

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Well, I followed the directions Buster laid out and in no time at all, I was done. This was my first time ever seeing such a set up. I come from the sra world of honda so wow, what a change. But if you take your time it's a snap. I actually own Buster's old Grizzly. He had all light weights in when I purchased it. So after putting the 30" silverbacks on, I went looking for the right torq range. This was my first change. I went from 4 (14g) and 4 (15g) wieghts to 4 kodiac 450 weights (14g) and 4 660 weights (18g). I think this was a good move. I feel like I've gained some torq. It's not significant, but she will lift the front end with no problem in L. And trust me these 30" silverbacks are quite heavy! I'm going to play in the mud some before I make another change, I want to see it under a load. I'll let ya know how the next ride goes and then go from there.
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For optimum performance you may look into changing a primary spring.

How do those tires fit? Looks close.
Dalton will get you on the right track in no time. Give em a call or shoot them an email. They will respond very promptly.

Dalton Industries Ltd.

[email protected]
Yes the tire fit is tight, but no rub problems. I didn't want a lift, so I gave it a shot and got lucky I guess. I did trim the black plastic on the rear just a little. But all is well. I will have to call dalton and see about the spring. I have been a little frustrated, a friend of mine has a stock 700 that runs like its shootin nos or something. I want to figure this out. He is running a slightly smaller tire than me, but I mean come on, he smokes me in a drag race. I do real well in the mud tho. We both do!
I can't pass judgement without knowing what the other guy is running, but those weights are going to cost you top speed performance. They tires aren't light. If you look in my garage and notice my Grizz 660 had 14" Maxxis Big Horns with ITP ss112s. Dude, that ate my bottom end up. I know, two different beasts all together, but my point is the 14" setup is noticably heavier than the 12" setup. My logic when buying was that their was more metal but less tire. This myth....busted. 14" = Heavy. (Look real good though.)
Well Buster, your free to disagree. I had the same thought process. But my 26x12 (ITP108s) Mud Bugs had less effect than my 26X14 (ITP112s) Big Horns. That is to say, I could not tell a difference with the Mud Bugs but could feel a difference with the Big Horns. I don't remember what weighs more according to the factory.
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