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First Clutch weight change!

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Well, I followed the directions Buster laid out and in no time at all, I was done. This was my first time ever seeing such a set up. I come from the sra world of honda so wow, what a change. But if you take your time it's a snap. I actually own Buster's old Grizzly. He had all light weights in when I purchased it. So after putting the 30" silverbacks on, I went looking for the right torq range. This was my first change. I went from 4 (14g) and 4 (15g) wieghts to 4 kodiac 450 weights (14g) and 4 660 weights (18g). I think this was a good move. I feel like I've gained some torq. It's not significant, but she will lift the front end with no problem in L. And trust me these 30" silverbacks are quite heavy! I'm going to play in the mud some before I make another change, I want to see it under a load. I'll let ya know how the next ride goes and then go from there.
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I told ya the clutch weight swap was a breeze didn't I.

Good to hear you found a better setup for your tires than the way I had it.

I also figured that someone else would chime in suggesting the spring as I had suggested previously. I honestly think with tires that big, you're missing potential power by not doing the spring. Did you ever call Dalton and get there input on what color spring to use?

I disagree with a couple of things here.

First, Nate, I think that going with a 14" wheel will actually lighten the load of a 30" tire simply because you're reducing the amount of rubber in the sidewall and replacing it with aluminum which is lighter. Granted, the 30 inch tire isn't available (from what I think Jim told me) in a 12" wheel so that's kind of a moot point. however, I think if you compare say a 27x14 tire wheel setup to a 27x12 assuming a 27x14 is available, you'll find the 14" setup to weigh less but I could be wrong. However, comapring rubber to aluminum, a bigger wheel has got to be lighter since it reduces the amount of rubber.

Now, on to the spring Jim. I call the BS flag on what HL told you. From what everyone has told me on Grizzlys and Can-Ams, if you have a 27" or bigger tire, you better do a spring. But hey, maybe all of those people that do it are wrong. I will say most of them say that it is what Dalton TOLD them they needed to do. I think Dalton's site even says that.

Just my thoughts.

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Now, I would also like to add something else to this discussion to Jim. If your friend is running a 12" wheel, I don't know what tire, but if a 30" is NOT available in a 12" that implies he's running a smaller tire. Dropping down to a smaller diameter tire is gonna change gearing for one so he SHOULD beat you just from a gearing standpoint. On top of that, add the fact that his are lighter since they're smaller which will help him even more. So you'll have to regain your out-of-the-hole power back with the clutch at this point I think.

What size tire is he running? It would be interesting to know what tires he is running and get manufacturer specs on your tires and his as far as weight is concerned. I can't find published weights for the 30" silverbacks from a quick search though.

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