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First Clutch weight change!

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Well, I followed the directions Buster laid out and in no time at all, I was done. This was my first time ever seeing such a set up. I come from the sra world of honda so wow, what a change. But if you take your time it's a snap. I actually own Buster's old Grizzly. He had all light weights in when I purchased it. So after putting the 30" silverbacks on, I went looking for the right torq range. This was my first change. I went from 4 (14g) and 4 (15g) wieghts to 4 kodiac 450 weights (14g) and 4 660 weights (18g). I think this was a good move. I feel like I've gained some torq. It's not significant, but she will lift the front end with no problem in L. And trust me these 30" silverbacks are quite heavy! I'm going to play in the mud some before I make another change, I want to see it under a load. I'll let ya know how the next ride goes and then go from there.
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let see if can shead some light.. on the secondary spring issue, if you were to get the white sring from EPI, its like $20.. that is the strongest spring i know avalible.. now with this white spring it will pinch the belt harder an giving you a harder bit on the take off an reducing belt slippage..

now for the weights.. when you start changing weights around from the stock weights, you will lose some top end no matter what.. an adding bigger tires will also take away your top end.. the clutch kits or designed to turn bigger tires.. they or not designed for top speed..
for an example= i have a HL clutch kit with 29.5 outlaws right.. well the kit came with a yellow spring, i put a white spring in it.. i also changed the weights.. i have 4 450 weights an 4 700 weights an my top speed, from what the speedo reads is 58.. now that aint all that fast, but put me in the mudd an i spin the crap out of the 29.5.. i swapped tire with a buddy that has 31's outlaws an i spin the crap out of those as well.. i can even spin them on black top.. but with just the weight i wouldnt be able to spin the crap out of my 29.5 with out the white spring.. with a little body english, i can pull the front end up a little in high

so real what im saying is the hevier the weights the more topend you will have.. the lighter they or, the more bottom end you will have.. so if you run 4 light weights an 4 heavy weights like im doing then you get a little of both worlds..

an when it comes to the tires, well the heavier they or the more power you need to get them turning an keep them turning.. an 30'' silverback only come in a 14'' rim.. an i know that the stock grizzly 12'' rims or lighter then a 12'' aluminum rim..

stall springs only let your motor reve up highier before the clutch engages.. thats so your motor is reved up a little more then normal so that when the clutch does engage you will have the power to turn the big tires in the mud from a stop position.. this is just my 2 cents tho.. hope some of these helps you understand a some things on the clutching an helps you out..
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