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First Clutch weight change!

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Well, I followed the directions Buster laid out and in no time at all, I was done. This was my first time ever seeing such a set up. I come from the sra world of honda so wow, what a change. But if you take your time it's a snap. I actually own Buster's old Grizzly. He had all light weights in when I purchased it. So after putting the 30" silverbacks on, I went looking for the right torq range. This was my first change. I went from 4 (14g) and 4 (15g) wieghts to 4 kodiac 450 weights (14g) and 4 660 weights (18g). I think this was a good move. I feel like I've gained some torq. It's not significant, but she will lift the front end with no problem in L. And trust me these 30" silverbacks are quite heavy! I'm going to play in the mud some before I make another change, I want to see it under a load. I'll let ya know how the next ride goes and then go from there.
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tires fit

Yes the tire fit is tight, but no rub problems. I didn't want a lift, so I gave it a shot and got lucky I guess. I did trim the black plastic on the rear just a little. But all is well. I will have to call dalton and see about the spring. I have been a little frustrated, a friend of mine has a stock 700 that runs like its shootin nos or something. I want to figure this out. He is running a slightly smaller tire than me, but I mean come on, he smokes me in a drag race. I do real well in the mud tho. We both do!
14" = heavy

Battlegun, I have to agree, I'm running 14"s and he's running a 12" set up. I think that could have a bit to do with it. I do know my tires are heavier than most other brands, so I guess that's prob some of it. We will see soon, he is getting a HL clutch kit and that will tell some about the giddy up. I spoke with HL just to see if they had any opinion about my set up vs theirs. They said either set up will do the same thing. Also , as far an upgraded sping, they said the Grizzly 700s have a good enough sping not to worry about buying anything along those lines. I will check with Dalton just to get another opinion. I'll keep ya posted.
Tire weights

Glad to see you back B. If I remember correctly my Sbacks weigh either 37 or 39 lbs. Not certian, but it is one of the two. My buddy is rinning a 28 x 12 x 12 rear mudzilla. and 28x10x12 front. Now I know there is a wieght difference in the two, but as far as the gear ratio diff. Here is the thing, this clown has these tires over inflated to the point that the tires are almost the same height as my 30s. Thats why I don't think the ratio is much of an issue. I know the weight will be tho. Now, as I learn about all this stuff, I'm realizing more that the tire size and clutch weight thing matter quite a bit. So I'm going to be very interested to see how his latest adds have changed his machine. He now is running 29.5 outlaws and has a highlifter clutch kit. We shall see. Don't get me wrong here. I'm not looking for speed at all. I was just surprised at the amount of difference there was in our 2 rigs. As long as my rig pulls through the mud like she has, I will be happy. I just want to get as close to the best of both world as possible. :rockon:

Buster, here is a direct quote from Dalton's web site. In ref to the spring.

The new Yamaha Grizzly 700 4x4 is a new improved version of its 660cc predecessor. Although the 686cc engine is not substantially larger or more powerful, it certainly has improved torque, throttle response and smoothness as a result of the electronic fuel injection (EFI). In stock form, the factory clutch calibration is fine for the supplied 25" tires, and no recalibration is necessary for the stock tires. Many consumers prefer the ground clearance and traction advantage of larger, more aggressive mud tires. Most, however, are not prepared for the amount of performance lost by installing bigger tires. Installing larger, heavier tires on this model does have a drastic negative effect on acceleration performance. Although an ATV with oversized tires can never be as quick as one with light weight stock tires, this kit can help recover some of the losses and breath some life back into your Grizzly. On the previous 660 models we have always included a new heavier secondary spring for the rear pulley. The new 700 model, however, comes from the factory with its own new heavier secondary spring that has proven satisfactory.
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tire weights

I just found the wieght chart i looked at last time. Here's the listed weights according to this place.

Silverbacks 30x11x14 = 43lbs ea. !!!!!

Mudzilla 28x10x12 = 35.6 lbs ea.
Mudzilla 28x12x12 = 41.6 lbs ea.

So according to this chart, I'm haulin about 18 to 20 lbs more tire weight. So there ya have it.
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