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Fasst Flexx Bars Review - KFX-450R

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How many riders out there have taken your quad out for an all day excursion? How many riders have hit the trails or the track hard? Finally how many of you have had wrist, elbow or back pain after riding? If I had to guess, I would say that at some point in your riding career, whether long or short, you have experienced one if not all of these pains.

This pain that you experience is due to poor posture during riding, mainly due to the positioning of your hand on the bars. Although you may not realize it, most of the quads on today’s market have handlebars that have a raked back look to them, pulling your hands back instead of out in front. Also, something that occurs is the continuous beating your upper body takes having something stiff and rigid to hold on to all day, instead of something somewhat softer and more forgiving. What am I leading up to is Flexx Handlebars by Fasst Company.

Whether you are racing or just out for an easy cruise through the hill country, Flexx Bars can make all the difference in the world. Not only do these bars position your upper body properly for a more comfortable ride, but the bars take the beating so you do not have to, making your ride that much more enjoyable. The Fasst Flexx handlebars were designed to absorb a lot of the shock and vibration that occurs while riding on all type’s of terrain.

A little history about Flexx bars is that they are in fact the only handle bar that is 100% fully manufactured in the United States. Fasst Company combines the latest CNC machining and uses two different types of 7000 series aluminum to construct these bars, assuring a strong and durable build every time.

The highlight of these Flexx Bars is the elastomers that make the bar what they truly are... HANDLEBAR SHOCKS! Rubber elastomers are small circle shaped grommets almost, that are placed inside the handle arm, in between the bars and the main body of the handlebars, allowing the bars to flex when compressed downward.

These elastomers come in four different types: Black=Stiff, Blue=Hard, Yellow=Medium, and Red=Soft. You decide which feel best fit your style of riding. Simply unscrew the bolt and replace the elastomer with one more suitable for you, tighten down and ride. It is really just that easy.

Also Fasst has an added feature that is called a Rebound Elastomer. This elastomer is placed outside the handle arm which helps to eliminate the top-out feel that some riders get when the bars return to back to their neutral position. This is an added feature sold separately from the Flexx Bars.

So without a doubt Fasst Flexx Bars are one of those products that are to be considered “Performance worth the Price”! These bars allow you to ride longer, ride faster, ride harder and do what you bought your quad to do, which is ride, not pack up like a sissy and go home early because you feel like you were hit by a truck.

Luckily, Fasst has allowed me to have a much more comfortable and enjoyable ride, and if I can add anything else to this, I would say that “I highly recommend that anyone who enjoys riding to open a new window and check out Fasst Company - Home of the Flexx Handlebars to find what’s right for you”!

Contact Information:
Fasst Company
(Web site) Fasst Company - Home of the Flexx Handlebars
(Phone) 562.601.8119
(Email) [email protected]
(Address) Fasst Company, 3015 E. South St., Long Beach, CA. 90805


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