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Extremesounds4atv’s System 5 ATV Stereo System

It was time to have tunes on the trail while riding my ATV, so I began looking for a rack-mounted ATV stereo system. During my search, I came across Extreme Sounds describes their products as the Only ATV stereo enclosures designed with the extreme ATV rider in mind. They also claim to be pioneers in the ATV stereo enclosure market.
We contacted Chester at Extreme Sounds, who was extremely knowledgeable as well as passionate about the products he builds. In fact, Chester was so sure about his product that he asked us to compare his product head to head with another competitor’s product.
We told Chester exactly what we were looking for, and he suggested that we give the System 5 a try. A few weeks later a large box marked with the Extreme Sounds logo was sitting on our doorstep. The System 5 was professionally packaged and everything was intact.
Extreme Sounds: First Inspection

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The System 5 has distinguished itself as a great trail companion.​
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The System 5 is composed of heavy duty 1/ 4 “ ABS plastic, which provides greater durability when compared to wood and fiberglass enclosures while still matching the sound quality of traditional wooden speaker enclosures. Extreme Sounds has also taken the additional step of spraying the enclosure with a protective coating of LineX, typically used to spray truck bed liners.
Additionally the System 5 comes with four 6 ½” Bazooka marine-grade speakers capable of handling up to 120 watts of power each. Driving the four speakers is a Sony in-dash CDX-M30 marine CD receiver capable of playing discs loaded with MP3, WMA, and AAC files. It features a built-in connection and controls for your iPod, MP3 Player or satellite radio. A remote control is also included.

Extreme Sounds: Installing the System

Mounting the System 5 can be accomplished either with the included U-Bolt mounting hardware or with heavy duty rubber straps. Since we would be removing the System 5 often, we chose the rubber strap method, which was excellent, especially since the rubberized LineX coating prevented it from slipping on the racks. To facilitate the quick removal of the System 5, we found it necessary to attach a cigarette lighter plug, which we purchased separately at an auto parts store to use with the 12 volt socket on our ATV.

Extreme Sounds: Initial Testing

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The Extreme Sounds System 5 fit perfect on the front rack of our Grizzly 700.
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With the unit secured in place, it was time to crank up the tunes. The display came to life with vibrant red color. We spent the next fifteen minutes familiarizing ourselves with all the controls on the Sony receiver. Our first test was reception. Since the System 5 does not have an external antenna, we wanted to see how well the internal amplified antenna worked. All local FM channels tested had crystal clear reception. The other test was how well the CD player did under normal riding conditions. This should go without saying, but the Sony did skip when we hit bumps. We expected it would and would like to know if a better receiver is available with the same marine grade characteristics.
The Bazooka marine grade speakers produced clean and crisp sound on both FM and CD settings. Our only complaint was the exposure of the speakers. The Bazooka speakers included did not offer much in the way of protection. In fact, we nearly caused permanent damage to one of the tweeters while handling the System 5. We would have preferred a speaker with more enclosed speaker grills.

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The Bazooka speakers provide crisp clear sound.​
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The 52 watt Sony receiver is packed with features.​
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Our final tests were to verify the water resistant characteristics of all components installed in the System 5. Since the Extremesounds4atvs website demonstrates water being sprayed directly onto the System 5, we thought this would be the best test for us to do to prove they were not trying any “Photographic Magic.”
Making sure that all components were installed properly, we closed the cover on the Sony receiver, turned it on, and began our test with a steady shower of water. After fifteen minutes of continuous water spraying onto the System 5, we shut the water off and removed a speaker to inspect the interior of the enclosure. The interior was as dry as a bone. None of the components are rated as water proof or water resistant only “Marine Grade.” Our tests were pretty conclusive that the System 5 will withstand normal water splashing at a sustained rate; however, it was not tested in a submerged environment.
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Check out the System 5 video demonstration.
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Extreme Sounds: Conclusion

We found the System 5 from Extremesounds4atvs to be remarkable in quality and workmanship. All components are top quality products.
Extreme Sounds has many products to choose from and even offers a blank enclosure for your own customization.
If you are looking for a sound system for your ATV and only the best components will do, take a close look at the Extreme Sounds lineup of ATV stereo systems. ATVTorture is pleased to endorse the Extreme Sounds System 5 as a great setup for ATV enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favorite music out on the trail.
• Great customer service and product knowledge
• Top quality components
• Tough construction
• Weather resistance
• Easy installation
• Exposed speakers susceptible to damage

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For more information on the System 5 or any of the other products Extreme Sounds makes, give them a call or check them out at ATV stereo, ATV sound system, ATV radio - 4 wheeler mud and water riding - Home.
Extreme Sounds 4 ATVs
9510 Warren Road
P.O. Box 310
(physical address)
(mailing address)
Mont Belvieu, TX 77580
Phone: 713-256-7165
FAX: 281-385-5301
Email: [email protected]
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