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Extreme mudders!!!

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Who out there enjoys sinking their quads in the gooey of gooiest mud?

Got pictures?

Got videos?
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Me getting stuck in Illinois

Me riding at Carolina Adventure World
Nothing too extreme. But its all I have for pics.

This is pretty deep

Messin around

This is gooey mud.
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another quick video...

Here's a few pics as well...

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and a video of my co-worker finding out that the hole is a little deeper than he thought... good thing honda's float... :)

Ther is never a hole too deep or a hole too wet in my book.
Cool pics. Love the shot from the rear. Great colors too.
thanks man they were taken with my buddies cell phone it takes great pics and videos
Yeah those are some good pics! I need to start getting more pics when I go out, I have had some good Stucks that I wish I could show all of you, I will make sure the next good mud hole I find I will get a pic and post it on here for ya'll! But I like to keep with the motto "You ain't havin fun til ur dirty!" Keep having fun!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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