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Extreme Dirt Series

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Picture from todays racing! Very muddy!

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I think the race went well considering it was the first race planned. A little unorganized but this was the promoters first race. Hopefully yesterday was just part of a learning curve.

Track conditions were very muddy as you can see from the images. But this just adds to more fun. I personally this is the start of great series and good local event.
It looked very fun. A few complaining about track conditions and things, but hey it was a race and on top of that a hare scramble. How often when you combine the two are conditions perfect? I think the mud is better that having the dust personally myself.
I will be posting race results once I get the approval from the promoter.
Not one grizzly on the track! Maybe warmer weather could change that for me. And get someone to roll cameras.
1 - 8 of 13 Posts
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