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extended rear rack

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Since I bent my rear rack on my 08 Grizz I am now shopping for a new larger extended rear rack.
Has anyone installed a larger rear rack on the griz?
If so do u like it?
If you like it can you send me a link or post a review.
In the mean time I will researching the internet.
Thanx for your help...
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Morning Desertrat ! :hello: ... The old body mending pretty good ?? Sure hope so Big Guy !

Now to your question ... when you say, a larger extended rear rack ... you're talk'in about it only being extended out the back, right ? Not the sides ?

The only thing I've ever seen like that, is one of those add-on baskets. I've seen some that are flat, but extend rearward & some have like a hanging down portion. You could put like a 5 gal bucket in it & not have to worry about it fall'in off.

Here's one link for the rear extended type basket ..

Here's another one from Cabela's ... it appears to be a tad wider too.

I used google & typed in "Rear basket for ATV" for my search. Lots out there, but not sure if they are much different than the two above.

Now, these are add-ons, so if you were planing to replace your stock rack, maybe you could cut the mounting points from the damaged factory rack & weld them to one of these ... just a thought.

Good Luck ....... :eek:ccasion14:

Later ....
yea.. those are pretty nice,,
I also found some that hang down behind the ATV too allowing me to store more camping gear..
Do you have one of those?
Im wondering if they are good quality?
I don't have a rear basket/extended rack ... however, I've bought two of the front baskets .... excellent quality !

I took the largest one, cut the "basket" off (sides & top rail) & made a flat front rack add-on for my Grizz. I can put it on or take it off as the urge hits me ... & I really like it.

If ya got one of the rear ones, I don't think you would be disappointed !

Store more camping gear ... yeah, that's JUST what ya need to do !!!! :hello:

Later ...
lol.. well I plan on rearranging my camping gear, adding a tent and an inflatable mattressnad a couple of other things.

Also, I heard yesterday that the guys here are planning a trip to Yankee Meadow just outside of Parawan Utah in June if you are interested in going. If I get my quad all straightened up by then (i should) then I will be going too.. Looks like a 4 day - 3 nighter riding and camping near Paranganah and Panguitch and a few places inbetween..
June huh ?? I might have to think about taking some vacation then ... Thanks for the info & keep me up to date on any changes ..... don't tell Buster or Grizzlywizard or probably even Battlegun ya told me ... if they're part of the group .... I'm not so sure they want the "Smilie Whore" wak'in them in the middle of the nite say'in .... "Looky what I got for you ... Buddy !!!" .... & then throw a big cow pie on'em !!! ..... ;;s;;

Later ...
i aint saying a word....:thumbup:
:icon_thumright: :icon_thumright:

Later ....
Hey Gunster,
How are ya?
I just took apart the Griz yesterday and ordered the 280.00 worth of parts needed to straighten the front end out. Thats not counting replacing the slightly bent handle bars and the bent wheel either..

I talked to my buddy and we are still on for June (if my shoulder gets fixed)
so I an starting to shop for the rear rack and a few other parts too..
Hope to see u soon...
I just saw some racks at a good price on ebay.
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