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exchange out a-arms

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Are the 08 Brute Force 650i a-arms are weak . i was wondering if you can exchange them out with a different kind of a-arm off another 4wheeler or is thier aftermarket. and if either does it have a grease fitting
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They are not weak per say under standard riding. I will say, if you hit a tree at high speeds with a tire or a-arm you are going to find a weak point. The front end geometry may be more of a culprit than anything else. I am not sure how the 650 is, but the 750 has a horrible front end when it comes to steering radius and maneuverability.
yeah i agree, i think its the engineering and the parts that are used. Right at 1000 miles mine and my fathers went out and lucky they went out while we had the warrenty still. i think the design is poor. no grease fitting, lets grit and grim in and not out , no way to lub up anything, my brothers 700 Kaw P. is the same way on its a weak design. i think if you put around and only ride 200 miles a year its fine but i hope they change something for 010 or popo, can-ham, and yahama are going to eat thier lunch
you know of any sites that have replacement a-arms and such with jacking the 4wheeler 18 inches and making 20 feet found ASR and there tie rods and such
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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