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EHS Racing Grizzly 700 Free Flow Intake System Product Review

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EHS Racing Grizzly 700 Free Flow Intake System

While Yamaha did a splendid job in their creation of the 700 Grizzly; they seemed to have fallen a bit short in few places, and the air box was one of them. While it may be in an excellent location, the overall design is very prone to allowing dust contaminants into the power plant of the beast.

About a year ago we were give the opportunity to review the EHS Racing Air box cover for the Yamaha Grizzly 700. This product was quite fantastic in every aspect we could think of, and was a substantial improvement over the original design.

Read the full review here>>>
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When I was in college we did some dirt bike air filter testing with a flow bench, illuminescent powder and many different air filters. The paper and gauze style filters never filtered nearly as well as the foam oil types. That being said, I was very concerned with contamination. I continuously inspected the intake after each and every ride. The filtration of this particular filter element does very well. No contaminants! I am impressed with this mod and eager to get some testing and comparison with our Vericom VC4000 dyno.
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