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East Coast ATV Renegade 800 Snokel Kit Review

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Anyone that has a Can-Am Renegade or Can-Am Outlander ATV and has ever been riding in even moderately deep water, is familiar with a problem that all of these quads are plagued with from the factory. It is not a defect, but rather a factory design idea flaw. The intake for the Renegade and Outlanders clutch belt exits the front of the clutch housing and comes straight up. It exits inside the left front fender behind a black piece of plastic and has a breatheable cover on the end of it. In theory this sounds fine, and the fact that it is filtered, yet non-restrictive is great.

The problem in the design arises when the rider gets into a water or mud situation where they are giving enough throttle that will throw water up into the top of the inner fender, allowing it to then be sucked in by the factory CVT clutch intake snorkel. NOT GOOD! This results in water getting in the clutch area, wetting the belt and causing the belt to slip. Ultimately, this can burn the belt up and cause additinal expense for the rider, on top of leaving them stranded.

For the reasons mentioned above, water-born Renegade and Outlander owners need to replace their factory snorkels, or lack thereof, with a system that will not allow water to enter the areas that it doesn't need to get into, like the CVT transmission or worse, the airbox.

Obviously, with our Renegade project, this water issue was something we wanted to address right off the bat. Many people sit down with a bunch of PVC and fittings, and try to find the right length and fitting combination until they have something that works. However, we just didn't have the time or patience to try that, and wanted a solution for the everyday rider that doesn't have the time to struggle with it. At the same time, we also wanted a nice looking kit that was stylish, and didn't look like something that should be on a garden tractor like the traditional snorkel kit does.

Introduce, East Coast ATV Snorkels.

East Coast ATV Snorkels makes a lot of different kits for a lot of different quads. Some are more stylish looking, while others are more rugged looking. The kits are available as a ready to install, already glued together kit, or a do-it-yourself kit that has all the pieces, just waiting for you to glue together at the right angle.

Between the ready to install kit and the do-it-yourself kits available from East Coast ATV Snorkels, there is a minimal amount of difference in price, considering the time it would take you to get all of the angles figured out and glue the fittings. It is our recommendation to go with the ready to install kit.

Here is the pic of how you will receive your ready to install kit. Take note that the CVT clutch intake tube is pre-wrapped with a heat protective tape that is very durable and holds up to the elements and pressure washing very well. Anytime we ride, we always use a pressure washer to clean with and have never avoided hitting the heat tape with our pressure washer. We have also never damaged it in any way.

The installation of the East Coast ATV Snorkels kit went very good and the instructions were very thorough and easy to understand. There is a cut that has to be made to a piece of plastic underneath the quad's hood. The instructions were very detailed as to exactly where to perform this cut. Doing so in now way will alter the performance of your ATV.

The kit provides snorkels for the CVT intake, CVT exhaust and airbox intake. This completely covers any problem areas that the quad has, should you experience a deep water riding condition.

Once all of the tubes have been connected and run up to the area underneath the hood, it is a fairly simple task to drill the holes through the hood for the tubes to exit through. We did so using a standard hole saw attached to a drill.

The finished product is great looking, very protective for your quad, and an overall easy task for anyone that has basic tools and is generally handy on small projects.

For all of the peace of mind that installing a snorkel kit will provide, the kits provided by East Coast ATV Snorkels is well worth the investment.

Contact Information
{Web Site} East Coast ATV Snorkels
{Phone} 908-339-2111 or 856-321-1590


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