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Dyna FS

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Well, after a week of waiting, it cam in Saturday afternoon. I installed the FS later that night. The instructions were decent, but the pic's that went with the instructions were a bit dark and not so clear to see. No big deal tho. I figured it all out after about 10 min of looking closely. After I felt comfortablethat I had identified everything, I went to work. Took me maybe 20 min of actual work and I was done. Fired it up and all was good. Test ride today! wow, I am quite happy! The mid range miss was all gone just as B-Dub said it would be. And as Grizzly Wizzard said, it improved my throttle response and gave just a little more power. All things considered, I'm very happy with the purchase and over all results. Good advice guys. Thanks.
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hmmm, would have been nice to do a review on the one I bought!
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