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Dyna FS

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Well, after a week of waiting, it cam in Saturday afternoon. I installed the FS later that night. The instructions were decent, but the pic's that went with the instructions were a bit dark and not so clear to see. No big deal tho. I figured it all out after about 10 min of looking closely. After I felt comfortablethat I had identified everything, I went to work. Took me maybe 20 min of actual work and I was done. Fired it up and all was good. Test ride today! wow, I am quite happy! The mid range miss was all gone just as B-Dub said it would be. And as Grizzly Wizzard said, it improved my throttle response and gave just a little more power. All things considered, I'm very happy with the purchase and over all results. Good advice guys. Thanks.
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Glad that worked out and yes, the instructions are weak at best. I had given them feedback about that on the phone when we did our write-up but apparently they didn't listen. I suggested a CD with the instructions on it since a CD is all of about a dime these days. It would enbale them to have color pictures that were easier to see things in. Oh well, you got it worked out and I'm glad that it did what we said it would, yet I had no doubt.

wait till ya get to try the new dyna programmable were ya have 4 timing curves and 4 fuel curves that are all adjustable. its awesome (and I hate that word)
hmmm, would have been nice to do a review on the one I bought!
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