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Dual-Track Trailer - this is a cool trailer

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This trailer seems a lot more stout and usable than the "trailer in a bag".


Dual Track Convertible ATV Trailers offer the best on-road and off-road capabilities in one trailer. On-road, it can securely transport up to two ATV’s on a 96-inch bed; off-road the Dual Track ATV Trailer’s sides fold upright, making a 53.5-inch bed for narrow trails. The wheel track adjusts from 64 inches in highway mode to 40 inches in trail mode.
Constructed of formed tubular steel, Dual Track Convertible ATV Trailers offer a durable transportation method for any load. Its narrow track mode helps in storage too.

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I'm not sure. There's one for sale on Central Mass Trail Hogs for $1200.
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