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Dual Battery Setup

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I've been reading of guys having issues with Can Am's and trying to winch or winching for very long. Now this is mostly with older Can Am's I think, 2006 thru 2008 or 09 from what I've read.

My brother has a 2006 outlander 800 Max-XT & has burned up two stators. SO ... we installed daul batteries with an isolator in both his machine & my 2011 Max where the second battery is dedicated to the winch.

And so far ... it's working great !!! :cheer: :cheer:

Here's what we did .... we bought an Odyssey PC680 battery and a PAC SPR200 isolator. I would like to mention, I feel the SPR200 is more of a "Separator" and not a true isolator ... but so far it's works great & does what we want. (I bought both of these at :icon_thumleft: :icon_thumleft:

Odyssey PC680

Pac SPR-200 Battery Guard Monitor and Isolator Combo Kit#

We also used some inline 30amp fuses.


We installed all of this in the rear storage compartment. Took the tool bag & the hold down strap out. We only had to drill two holes and that was to mount the isolator.

We ran all the wires out thru the holes for the hold down strap & once everything was completed, we filled the holes up with RTV.
We ran the ground wires to the factory ground location. You also have to have a wire that's hot when the key is on, so we tapped into the tail lite wire, and then covered that up wth liquid tape.

We couldn't find any small battery terminal covers, so we used some bicycle tire inner tube to protect the terminals. However, nothing besides my registration is back there so no worries. :headbang:

Here's a few photo's .... :eek:ccasion14:


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great info! I'll be considering this when i get my winch installed

thanks for sharing
Good deal Benm Guy !! ... it's been almost ten months since we mounted these dual batteries & I'm happy to report, it's working great. :cheer:

And I use my winch a lot. :seesaw:

I'm thinking of doing the same thing, I have a 2009 max 800. Could you send me some detailed wiring info for this. Thanks
I'm thinking of doing the same thing, I have a 2009 max 800. Could you send me some detailed wiring info for this. Thanks
I just got home from a ride (it's now 9:45pm) & have a full day tomorrow. But as soon as I can, I'll get the info to ya.

Benm ... I have an "UPDATE" to this battery mod ... if you bought the exact same parts that I used & have the SPR-200 Isolator with the little BG-12 box thing .... Take that BG-12 out & put it in a draw someplace.

Found out that thing prevents the secondary battery from getting a full charge. (It'll keep the second battery at 11.9 v)

When you take the BG-12 out, Now, you will hear a "CLICK" when you turn your key on ... that's the isolator being engerized .... and when you turn your key off & the computer shuts the bike down, you'll hear another "CLICK" ... that's the Isolator de-engerizing, which seperates the two batteries.

If you want, take a volt meter & check across the battery terminals when the BG-12 is installed & see what or if that battery is even getting any voltage. Next, after you take it out (it has to be completely disconnected form the Isolator), your volt meter should now read about 13.2 v (or more)

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But the BG-12 would stop your battery from going flat. Its there for any idiot that leaves there Key on overnight and wakes up to a flat battery.
So give or take it does its job and will stop over/constant-charge when the motor is not running and key is on. This will also help the SPR-200 Isolator to not over heat and die a early death(Did you even bother to see how hot it gets?).
It hasn't got hot enough to blow a fuse, but no, I have never checked to see if it gets hot.

But hey, if you want to use the BG-12 box in your system, by all means, have at it.

Its good procedure that dual battery setup is a good procedure but I am not well aware that how to handle the dual battery setup..I want to some more knowledge...

Prime Scales|Floor Scale
Its good procedure that dual battery setup is good procedure but i am not well aware that how to handle the dual battery setup..I want to some more knowledge...
The original post provides many general details, since each install could be way different for each brand of bike.

However, what more would you like to know??

It is just a better idea to use dual battery system But to use this one you must be well aware of it. I think you can handle it in a best way if you are able to get control over it.
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