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DRI DUCK Storm Jacket Review (5046)

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I was given the opportunity a while back to test a jacket from a new manufacturer. A company who originally developed private label products for other companies decided it was time to develop their own brand of outdoor apparel. The company DRI DUCK derived its name from Design Resources Inc. (DRI) and DUCK because of the “duck” cloth fabric used to make their garments. After reading a little history I personally thought it was a very inventive name.

I personally am always looking for a great jacket that is comfortable, warm and keeps the rain and snow off of me. I decided to choose the DRI DUCK “Storm” jacket. The Storm jacket is a high performance, breathable, and fully waterproof jacket. Its relaxed fit seems very comfortable and not restrictive at all. Another great thing I enjoy about wearing the Storm jacket is the drop-tail hem to keep the wind off my back side.

Here are the features of the DRI DUCK Storm jacket.

• Two-layer construction combines 12 oz., cotton canvas BOULDER CLOTH with DRI DUCK’s special membrane film for a WATERPROOF barrier and breathable comfort

• Teflon Extended Durability® coating prevents stains from sticking and guarantees a new look for a long time

• Seam sealed to create a barrier between you and the elements

• Distinct features including articulated elbows, bi-swing back, drop-tail hem, quilted and brushed tricot hood and body lining with a warm polyester fill, storm cuffs and DRI DUCK DETAIL: signature inside pockets

While this may not be the run of the mill garment many would consider for ATV riding, I found it quite useful while on my ATV. The cuffs fit very tightly and help block the wind from entering through the sleeves. The bi-swing back offers plenty of flexibility when maneuvering on the quad. The only fault I have found is that the hood will catch a lot of mud when you decide to show off your new mud tires to your riding buddies….Ooops!

It also seems that DRI DUCK lives up to its claim of being completely waterproof as well. During the 2009 ice storms in Kentucky I was dispatched to aid in power restoration to remote telecommunication sites. I had thought that the Storm jacket would be the perfect companion for this trip. While working in the freezing rain and snow I found that the DRI DUCK Storm jacket lived up to those claims and offered total comfort at the same time. The breathable and waterproof fabric did a great job keeping me dry and warm through 8 hours of miserable freezing conditions. Even with the temperatures in the mid-teens, I felt comfortable with the Storm jacket.

I love everything about this jacket. It is simple in design when compared to some of the technical jackets found today; however, it is packed with the most necessary features. And most importantly it is designed to protect you in some very extreme conditions without adding bulk and making you look like you are preparing for an arctic expedition.

I would highly recommend this DRI DUCK Storm jacket to anyone looking for a high performance outerwear with just the necessary features that will keep you warm and dry without any compromises. I am quite confident that this jacket will accompany me for many years when the temperatures start to dip.<o></o>

For more information contact DRI Duck at:

DRI DUCK : Work Wear and Performance Outdoor Apparel
[email protected]
1-866-852-8222 (toll free)


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