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Man i dont have any pics but i had a great 70 Mile ride yesterday. Had 4 others go with me. 2 Grizzly 450s, 2 Grizzly 660s, and a lonely Can Am Outty 800(one of those with the stupid seats).....and i do say the Outty 800 was left in the dust many.....its longer wheel base killed it in the technical trails, and he couldn't keep up on the dirt road where we were running 40+ MPH.....he would have to slow down to literally 15 MPH to make it around the turns.
We ran down some old powerlines and went to some sand dunes where i showed them Grizzly 660s and the Outty 800 my 450 could out wheelie em. Then i drag raced a brand spankin new 08 Grizzly 450 that had 25'' Maxxis Big Horns and the rider is atleast 50LBs lighter then me. I am running stock tires and i beat him by bout 10-15 feet each time. We found some mud and all had a great day. :headbang:
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