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<h1 align="center"> <a href=""><img src="../images/direction%202%20overfenders/logo.gif" alt="Direction2" border="0" width="219" height="91"></a></h1>
<p align="justify">One of our favorite long term test vehicles is our 2008 Kawasaki Brute Force 750i. This quad has got an engine that all manufacturers should strive for. In our opinion it has a great balance of speed and power. All it takes is a stab of the throttle and you will be grinning from ear to ear. A down side to this tire spinning fun is that you end up wearing a lot of the terra firma you’re throwing up in the air. The addition of aftermarket wheels and tires really enhanced this problem as we would become quickly covered in mud once the trail got a little bit wet. </p>
<p align="justify">Fortunately, <a href="">Direction 2 Inc.</a> (D2) has come up with a great affordable solution to this problem by developing a line of <a href="">overfenders</a> for most utility quads on the market today. The <a href="">D2</a> <a href="">overfenders</a> are made of a durable plastic which is vacuum formed to follow the natural lines of an ATV. The result is a product that in theory should not only fit good, it should look good too. </p>

<h2 align="justify">Initial impressions:</h2>
<p align="justify"> <a rel="lightbox" href="../images/direction 2 overfenders/overfenders (11).jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../images/direction%202%20overfenders/overfenders%20%2811%29.jpg" alt="CLICK TO ENLARGE" name="CLICK" width="225" hspace="10" border="1" align="right" id="CLICK"></a>Right out of the box the <a href="">overfenders</a> appeared to be a quality built product. They are not made with a cheap and flimsy plastic but rather they are molded out of a dense solid material that is sure to last a long time. The overall finish was superb with no visible blemishes or rough edges. The kit came with black hardware that matched the color of the fender perfectly. </p>
<h2 align="justify">Installation: </h2>
<p align="justify"> <a href="">D2</a> provided a set of simple one page directions that included photos of the installation. Installed was very straightforward and the total install time was around 25 minutes. I expected this to be a longer process but the matched fabrication made it a much quicker job. All you need are basic hand tools for this installation and drill. It should be noted that you need to drill your fender at each spot where hardware is needed. Just remember to mark twice and drill once, as holes in your fenders are permanent!</p>

<p align="justify"><a rel="lightbox" href="../images/direction 2 overfenders/overfenders (6).jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../images/direction%202%20overfenders/overfenders%20%286%29.jpg" alt="CLICK TO ENLARGE" name="CLICK" width="225" hspace="10" border="1" align="left" usemap="#CLICK" id="CLICK"></a>We start out mounting the set of front <a href="">overfenders</a> first. These required removing the plastic rivets that secures the front fender to the bumper and the bolts that hold the foot well to the front fender. Utilizing the supplied bolts we attached the flare to the bike through the stock holes that already existed. Do not tighten the bolts down at this point. Using a ¼” drill bit, there was enough room to place the drill into the fender well and drill from the inside out. Once you have drilled your holes, use the supplied bolts to secure the <a href="">overfenders</a> to the bike. Repeat these steps for the other side. </p>
<p align="justify"><a rel="lightbox" href="../images/direction 2 overfenders/overfenders (5).jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../images/direction%202%20overfenders/overfenders%20%285%29.jpg" alt="CLICK TO ENLARGE" name="CLICK" width="225" hspace="10" border="1" align="right" id="CLICK"></a>The rear installation required the removal of one stock bolt that holds the rear fender to foot well. Secure the rear overfender to the stock hole with supplied bolt. As with the front flares it is just a matter of holding the flare in place drilling the holes from the inside out. Attach the overfender with the supplied bolts and repeat the process for the other side. <br>
<h2 align="justify"><br>
Riding impression:</h2>

<p align="justify"> Prior to the installation, the offset rims on our Brute Force combined with the Swamplites would kick up a steady stream of mud and debris. Turning the bars would cause to fly mud right into my helmet. The rear fenders would get covered in mud making use of a rear canvas rack bag a nuisance. It was like night and day once the <a href="">overfenders</a> were installed. The mud and debris flying all over the place was decreased to a minimum. Your lower legs will no longer get hit with mud and debris and the rear rack will also see a decrease in material from the tires. The <a href="">overfenders</a> have held up great since we began testing them. After numerous encounters with rocks and branches, these <a href="">overfenders</a> just keep coming back for more. Lastly, there are no lips or seams for mud to get trapped into making clean up at the end of the day very easy. </p>
<h2 align="justify">Conclusion:</h2>
<p align="justify"> <a rel="lightbox" href="../images/direction 2 overfenders/overfenders (9).jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../images/direction%202%20overfenders/overfenders%20%289%29.jpg" alt="CLICK TO ENLARGE" width="225" hspace="10" border="1" align="left"></a>The <a href="">D2</a> <a href="">overfenders</a> look like they were an option that came right from the factory. They dress up an area that looked unfinished to us in the stock form on the Brute Force. The seams line up perfectly with the bike and give it a whole new appearance. Having a product that fit perfectly like these made installation quick and easy. This is a quality product that can give its “Tortured” stamp of approval. These <a href="">overfenders</a> are recommended for anyone who has a utility quad with aftermarket rims and tires or for the rider who is looking for a little extra protection. </p>
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<td><a rel="lightbox" href="../images/direction%202%20overfenders/overfenders%20%2812%29.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="../images/direction%202%20overfenders/overfenders%20%2812%29.jpg" alt="CLICK TO ENLARGE" name="CLICK" id="CLICK" border="1" width="225"></a></td>
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<p align="justify"><strong>Pros: </strong><br>
• Increased protection from mud and trail debris<br>
• Perfect fit and finish <br>
• Ease of installation <br>
• Affordable</p>
<p align="justify"><strong>Cons:</strong><br>
• Finish on hardware came off some of the hardware during installation and could lead to rust. <br>
•  Drilling holes into your fenders<br>
• Rear fenders could extend lower in the back<br>
<p align="justify">For more information contact Direction 2 Inc. at:</p>
<p align="justify"><strong><a href=""><img src="../images/direction%202%20overfenders/logo.gif" alt="Click" border="0" width="219" height="91"></a></strong></p>
<p align="justify"><a href=""></a></p>
<p align="justify"><strong>DIRECTION 2 INC.</strong><br>
Div. Créations Direction 2 Inc.<br>
50, Sicard #114<br>

Ste-Thérèse, Québec<br>
CANADA J7E 5R1<br>
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<td width="70"><p>Phone:</p></td>

<td><p>+1 (450) 971-0407</p></td>
<td><p>+1 (450) 971-5463<br>

<td valign="bottom"><p><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></p></td>

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