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Dear Can Am

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Dear Can Am

I like to start by telling you that i love your products and your performance from your ATV's to your ETEC. But due the worst service, most dishonest, and lack of moral dealer Performance East i will never buy your product again.

1. they sold me a used bike as new.
2. that used bike had 22 hours.
3. that used bike does not run.
4. that used bike has been in the shop for a month now.
5. that used bike was ridden by me for only 1 hour.
6. Performance East used a bait and switch on the warranty.
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latest update: the bike is still at the shop. it's been 4 weeks and they are still correcting the damages from Performance East. The engine has been removed and gutted.

i spoke to BRP customer service today, and they filed an official complaint vs Performance East. What does that mean? i do not know,but i requested to continue and speak with the regional sales manager.

Customer service gave me a little history about the bike. As i posted before Performance East stated that they purchased the bike from another dealer and they had no idea the condition of this bike. Hard to believe that this transaction happen in 2009 over a year ago and they had no idea about the condition of the bike. i can't see how a bike sits around your show room for over a year and nobody knows about the bike. i guess the lies continue.

i like to thank everyone who been reading my post, and specially the mods. on another forum sponsored by Performance East all my post have been deleted and locked. Again i like to thank you mods for allowing me to exercise our first amendment. i have been able to reach out to over 5k viewers.
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