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Chappie/Shasta Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area
355 Hemsted Drive
Redding, California 96002
Website: Click Here

The Copley Mountain Staging Area within the Chappie-Shasta Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) area northwest of Redding will reopen Saturday, April 11. The area had been closed since last summer because of damage caused by the 22,000-acre Motion Fire.

The staging area has facilities for motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle unloading and provides access to the network of roads and trails within the OHV area.

Officials at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) said that some roads and trails within the OHV area may be closed because of fire rehabilitation work. They urged riders and drivers to stay on roads and trails and to avoid driving on fire lines or closed routes.

To reach the staging area from Redding, take highway 299 about a mile west of the city limits to Iron Mountain Road. Turn right on Iron Mountain Road and continue for about 6 miles to Matheson Road. Turn right at Matheson Road at the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area sign. The staging area is on the right side of Matheson Road about one tenth of a mile from Iron Mountain Road.

The Chappie-Shasta Staging Area and Shasta Campground near Shasta Dam will open later than the Copley staging area. Dates will be announced. Resumption of OHV area access across Shasta Dam also will be announced later.

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