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Changing Primary Spring

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I'd like to change my primary spring to the maroon spring and I was wondering if I need a puller or any other special tools. Looks like I can just take housing off and then the metal cover and then the big bolt holding it on. Change the spring and then put back on. Am I correct?
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I looked but didnt think about your Vforce. Thanks
What a piece of cake to do! Hardest part was getting a torque wrench that would torque to the left! I got to ride for a little bit this evening and it is def much snappier. Launches much harder and feels like the mid range is faster reving but not sure yet. With the Copperhead now tuned good and this spring working the way it should my Brute will wheelie and burn out like crazy but still able to manage the power. Very good mod!
Good to hear Bull. I'm looking forward to installing the Dalton Kit on my Outlander. I hope it has similiar results!
I had a lot of fun today doing burnouts and power slides! Really made a big difference and well worth it. It's like I gained 5 to 7hp on low end and 2 to 3hp in mid range. Top is the exact same. Actually it may have given me too much power on low end.
Too much power? Blasphemy! :eek:
My bad as I meant while trying to drag race effectively! Other than that it is so much fun but I can see my back tires wearing out real soon!
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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