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Central Hydraulics Air ATV Lift

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REVIEW: Central Hydraulics Air ATV Lift

Initial Thoughts

I purchased this lift from Harbor Freight for $99.87. My initial thought on the lift was it was constructed and finished very well. It has nice rubber grip pads on the lift saddle to help protect vehicle. Very good for the price.


You can operate this jack using the manual foot pedal, or attach to a compressed air line to use the pneumatic lift cylinder. The lift has a 1500 lb. weight capacity for lifting motorcycles and ATVs. It can be raised a maximum of 14-1/2'' and a minimum of 4-1/2''.


The lift works great both air and foot powered. Goes up fairly quick and has a safety locking system in case of any failure. Biggest issue I have found with the lift is it will not go down if no weight is on the lift. Can be a bit of a pain to sometimes get out from underneath the quad. But none the less it is an excellent lift.

Final Thoughts

For only around 100 bucks this lift can make ATV maintenance a breeze. A must have for all ATVers that perform their own maintenance.

Overall Finish and Quality - 8/10

Overall Performance 6/10 (lower rating due to issue with not going down without weight)

Price - 10/10

Here is a video of it in action.
LIFT.flv video by holzermack - Photobucket

Ride On Cool,
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