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Cargo Trunks

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I am getting ready to purchase a cargo box for the bak of my Rincon. Anyone have any input on who makes the best trunk?

I am looking at a couple from Tamarack and a couple from Kimpex. I would be open to some suggestions from the Review Crew.:hello:
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I'm not very educated in the ATV Cargo Box department, but I have read lots of great things about Tamarack. Would you be looking for a soft or hard shell box?
I am very fond of the Cajun Dri Store. It is pressure washer proof and built extremely well. The Tamarack stuff is not as durable.
You say the Cajun Dri Store is pressure washer proof, I guess it's a hard shell then. I don't think I would want a "bag" type storage unit. Seems to me the zippers would fail in extreme riding / envoirnments. And surely they would leak.
How right you are! I went through two Kolpin soft bags in one season. I now have a hand-me-down hard box. The box is six years old and could use a new latch, but one bungee holds it shut. The gasket is still good and stuff stays dry. No more soft bags for me.
And as they say; "the proof is in the puddin".
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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