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Canam Renegade 800 LED Angel Eyes! Thoughts?

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Just wanted to get some thoughts on these LED Angel Eyz! This LED ring is extremely bright, however, it is not really meant be a headlight replacement. These are currently being produced for another application and are bit too large to mount flush in the inner portion of the headlight assembly. We are trying to gather info and thoughts from Renegade and Commander owners to see if this is something that would be worth looking into and having them produced for these models in a variety of colors. These LED's offer an awesome custom look, and work well during the day or at night. They have a special double sided 3m foam adhesive that keeps them secure in wet conditions. These rings are not going to come off easy! They are 100% water proof and are made to withstand the elements that these machines perform in. The kit would include four LED Angel Eyz and would sell for a reasonable price of $129.95 or a two light kit would be avalible for $79.95. So please let me know what you think, and if this is something that you would consider adding to your machine. Thanks


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i deff would those things are sick as long as there water and mud proof id deff buy them, id really buy them if you did them in red
id buy them especially if you make some red ones
Very cool

What would be the price point? They are super nicelooking.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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