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Can Am trouble codes

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I have an '07 Renegade and it is acting up. I found out that I can retrieve diagnostic codes from the console, but I don't know what they mean, does any body know of a website that offers this list of codes?

thanks guys...
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what symptoms are you having? what codes does it show?

here's a list of fault codes and how to retrieve them:

Nyroc's ATV info website

please keep us posted...
I'm having throttle issues, but I think that it's attributed to the cured H2O... DOH!!! I think in the last good ride I had I plowed some water into the gas tank. I was reading some threads yesterday, and a few guys had the same symptoms, very sparatic throttle, I couldn't get the revs over 3500 RPM or so and the engine was sputtering, but running fine at an idle. the service soon message came on at the end of the day. I have yet to retrieve the codes from the 'gade.
i can certainly see that happening. i don't ride in much water at all, and i'd have water in the airbox and evidence of water entering the cvt. my friends all questioned why i would go through the hassle of stealth snorkeling my gade, considering the amount of water and mud holes we encounter. it's just peace of mind for me, knowing i won't get water in the motor, or burn up a belt cause it's wet...

hope you get the water problem cleared up and get back out on the trails!

Thanks Stray, I have to head back to work, so the beast might sit a while, I was able to syphon out the tank before I got the call, I was tempted to bring 'er with me, but it's a new job and don't want to get distracted. I hope that's all it is, I will keep y'all posted. till then... ROOT ON 'ER!!!:rockon:
When you add fresh gas, get some Heet or dry gas and add a little to the fresh tank. That will displace any remaining water that may be left in the system.
from what i've heard from other guys who had similar problems with water, you may need to remove the tank and clean the screen on the fuel pump. it's usually not only water that gets in, but dirt and stuff.
Thanks again guys for the advice, no p-codes on the gade, thats good I guess. going to have to wait for a new fuel filter before I can re-assemble.
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