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Can-Am Pics & Flics

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Let's see those Can-Am's here. No matter if it's a sport or utility (or a hybrid), lets get some pictures and video's up!

I'll start:

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Mack, Mack, Mack. Dude. Someone has told you a lie. Great looking Grizz though. CLICK HERE for your very own thread to post pics of it in.

CLICK HERE for the only video I have edited at this time.
Hey folks, I split this topic because I felt the "fire" discussion was worthy of it's own spot.


Awesome Unsie! I love that yellow but I opted for camo for two reasons. The wife doesn't like yellow and the camo can take a beating. I like the off-road lights too. The 09 has a place built in the fenders for low mounted lights. I haven't looked for any to fit in there though. Now for the questions.

1) What exhaust do you have on there?
2) What skids do you have on there?

Great looking quad! ;;t;;
...stiffler... that is a bad looking machine w/out the decals. Nice touch for sure. How does the Gade handle those 14"s?

Gunny, I have no idea why you can't view the video. It is linked to a thread here.

At any rate, here it is again embedded. I know what your thinking. "Why isn't this review finished yet? It's only been forever?" The answer: You will get read it soon.

:club:how do you get pics on here?

There are two ways bro.

1) Just below the text box area where you type your posts, there is a button that says "manage attachments" (you have to scroll down a bit to see it). Click this and it will allow you to browse your hard drive to attach a local image to the site.

2) Sign up with a photo hosting site such as and upload pictures to that site. Then use the "img" tags underneath the picutre on photobucket to embed the image in the post.

If I've confused you, lemme know and I'll try to better explain.
thanks battlegun ur the man and that shows how stupid i am:thumbup:
any way heres my ride
Ah common man. You ain't stupid. Nice quad. I wanted the yellow one too but the wife and previous ventures said go with the camo. Are those the orginal bighorns or the 2.0's?
1 - 8 of 26 Posts
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