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Can-Am Pics & Flics

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Let's see those Can-Am's here. No matter if it's a sport or utility (or a hybrid), lets get some pictures and video's up!

I'll start:

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Awesome Unsie! I love that yellow but I opted for camo for two reasons. The wife doesn't like yellow and the camo can take a beating. I like the off-road lights too. The 09 has a place built in the fenders for low mounted lights. I haven't looked for any to fit in there though. Now for the questions.

1) What exhaust do you have on there?
2) What skids do you have on there?

Great looking quad! ;;t;;

I wasn't to excited about the yellow at first but it has definitly grown on me :)

I have a HMF Penland Pro Series exhaust with a quite core insert.
The rear guards are made buy Alumatech and the rest are Ricochet.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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