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Can-Am Pics & Flics

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Let's see those Can-Am's here. No matter if it's a sport or utility (or a hybrid), lets get some pictures and video's up!

I'll start:

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Nice rides guys ... my younger brother has a yellow 2-up 800. Way nice quad.

Battlegun ... what a tease of a video !!!! .... can't wait to see the next one or read the Can-Am review.
Mack ... glad to see I ain't the only smartass on the site !!! ... :eek:ccasion14:

Later ...
Mack, Mack, Mack. Dude. Someone has told you a lie. Great looking Grizz though. CLICK HERE for your very own thread to post pics of it in.

CLICK HERE for the only video I have edited at this time.

I kinda liked MACKs Renegade ... but it does look a mite different than anyone elses ... ;;t;;

And Battlegun ... I'd take a peek at yer video .... if I had permission :wtf: .... didn't know the forum could tell I wasn't a Can-AM owner ?? .... Strange ... Really Strange to have that kinda filter on a thread ... :salute: ..... Ya Funny Bast%$# !!! :banging:

My '09 and my burned up '08. The '08 had 20hrs on it at the time of the fire.
It waited untill I was 600 miles from home at the Hatfield McCoys to go up in flames!!!! What a way to ruin a trip........
Dude .... THAT sucks !!!! ..... :sad2:

Some nice bikes guys & gals .... keep post'in the pics !!! :icon_thumleft:

Later ...
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Hey Stiffler ... you sure you can handle that bike ?? :rotfl:

Both those video's are fun to watch .... :cheer:

Later ....
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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