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Can Am BRP Side-By-Side

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We have all heard the rumors of BRP releasing a SxS. The intel I picked up over the last few weeks tells me that it could be released mid year 09 (for a 2010 model). The thing that begs for attention is that they may be installing their 990 in the thing!!!

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I have heard many rumors as well. I cant wait to see what they have up there sleeve.
I'm testing one. can't just leave us hanging like that! MORE! MORE! MORE!
GS is full of it unless he has pics of him sitting IN it, full shot of the BRP, with a sign that says, "Hey douchebags, I'm GearSlayer!!", and not some PhotShopped crap. My PS skills are better than yours so I WILL be able to tell Jamey!
My PS skills are better than yours
You're not getting away that easy. I've yet to see any. Show me some. :)
Ok. :hijacked:. BUT...this could get interesting! :TTIWWP:

Well, sort of. I was speaking to a dealer over the phone today, and they had gotten some word that at one time Can Am was considering on using and engine which was based on a snow mobile engine called the elite.

I did some research on the Elite and found that is a Rotax® 4-Tec™ 1500cc 4-2troke engine with three in-line cylinders and top fuel efficiency. If this is the case, this is going to be an animal, and just the vehicle that I have been looking for.
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THat is the ugliest sled I've ever seen! But if it has a 3 cyl, 1500cc payload...WOW. :eek:
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