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Camo Wraps kit for ATV

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I am looking at fixing up an old yellow Polaris Trailboss that was given to me. I am going to redo the body with this stuff Camoclad Outlet Camo4u – Home of the Camoclad Outlet, Camo Bug Shields, Camo Truck Kits, Camo Wraps, Camoclad Vinyl Accent Kits - can anyone give me the scoop on this stuff? Hard to do yourself?
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are there other options to the camo wraps? Is there spray on were you take the plastics off and send to shop for application? I ask because I've seen some wraps and they look like crap. I'm looking for that smooth factory finish. Is this possible or do you have to order oem from the yamaha dealer? Thanks for the help....Mark
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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