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Camo Wraps kit for ATV

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I am looking at fixing up an old yellow Polaris Trailboss that was given to me. I am going to redo the body with this stuff Camoclad Outlet Camo4u – Home of the Camoclad Outlet, Camo Bug Shields, Camo Truck Kits, Camo Wraps, Camoclad Vinyl Accent Kits - can anyone give me the scoop on this stuff? Hard to do yourself?
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I can't speak from a camo pattern or brand standpoint but I can speak about installing vinyl on something with a lot of nooks and crannies, hard edges and rounded areas. Even for a professional, it can be difficult on an ATV b/c of the vast array of corners and contours. While it can be done, it takes an extreme amount of patience for perfection. The more nooks your particular quad has, the harder it will be if you expect it to look perfect.

If you decide to do it yourself, here are some pointers:

- Be sure the plastics have been thoroughly cleaned just before application
- Get a normal size spray bottle like a windex bottle and clean it out really good. Put a drop (or 2 max) of dawn dish washing soap or baby shampoo in it and fill it up with water.
- Before working on a particular section, spray it down with the water solution which will allow you to move around, unstick and restick, and squeegie out the water and air bubbles.
- Work in small sections at a time and once you ahve a section in place and where you're sure it needs to go, squeegie out the water and air bubbles.
- Be sure to use a squeegie to work the vinyl down in crevices tightly. If it tries to come back up, squeegie it down again.
- it is also beneficial to have a heat gun handy. Some large contours require heating and stretching the vinyl to get them to fit properly.
- Maintain patience. If you get frustrated, stop for awhile and go back later.

I hope that helps.

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Well it's only similar to tinting in that you use water and a squeegie. however, it's much more difficult in that you have to work with corners, crevices and contours.
Shipping on lightweight big stuff sux. I recently shipped my X seat to California from GA and USPS priority mail was $77 which is a 2-3 day service. It was cheaper for me to ship it express mail overnight for $60. They said it was due to the size of the box but it being so light. What the hell kinda sense does that make????

I just bought a pair of front fenders off of eBay and the shipping for them was $70 and I think the seller probably lost his butt on shipping.
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