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Camo Wraps kit for ATV

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I am looking at fixing up an old yellow Polaris Trailboss that was given to me. I am going to redo the body with this stuff Camoclad Outlet Camo4u – Home of the Camoclad Outlet, Camo Bug Shields, Camo Truck Kits, Camo Wraps, Camoclad Vinyl Accent Kits - can anyone give me the scoop on this stuff? Hard to do yourself?
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Yelt ... just came across yer thread :hello: ... I had Camo Clad installed on my Grizz. I like the camo clad material itself ... I just think the local authorized installer did crappy work. I made him do it over once .... and I am still NOT happy. :mad:

From a distance, it looks sweet :cheer: ... to me anyways ... but up close ... I just wanta cry ... :crybaby2:

So, the product itself is a good one .... if you have it installed, hope ya have better luck than I did .... if ya do it yerself .... well ... I figure I could have done it as good as the job I paid money for .... and it wasn't cheap !

Later ...
very helpful - thanks
Let us know you decide to get it done ... what brand ya went with, your impressions, etc ... you know, all the important stuff ;;t;;

Oh yeah ... and post some photo's .... we all like photo's :cheer:

Later ...
Now THAT is some good info BusterW .... :eek:ccasion14:

Before I did the camo clad thing, I had installed the camo tape on my Grizz ... I didn't try to cover it completely ... just the where it takes a beating. From a distance, you couldn't tell the entire bike wasn't covered. And I've had several friends tell me since the camo clad, they liked the looks of the tape better. :dontknow:

But even then, it took me about five or six days covering what I did .... see the attached photo ....

And like I wrote, that was one reason I decided with the camo clad, I'd have an "Authorized" installer ... install it. And the first time I picked up the fenders & tank cover ... I asked the guy if he was jok'in ... it was THAT bad. For $360 dollars, I expected it to be "Professional" look'in .... not like something I did in the garage , in the dark. :BangHead:

If I was to do it again ... I think I would try it myself ... and with your "tips" it might not be too bad.

Later ...


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It appears you is new to the forum Gatortadpole ... so Welcome dude :hello: ... and it's a small world huh !!??

About yer question ... went to a Sportsman show this spring and there was a company called "Hydrocam" or something like that ... I have their card at home ..... where they take items & "Dip" them in a liquid & it comes out all camo'ed.

They had some items on display that looked real nice .... I've tried to contact them since & have recieved no replies .... yet.

And I'm not sure what the cost would be .... but I know I'm real interested in it. And you can get different patterns too.

If I ever get a reply I'll be sure to post what they say.

Later ....
There is another process. It's called Water Transfer Printing. .... This is a costly process mostly because of shipping. And you need to pick a color that compliments the current color scheme b/c they do not finish the underside. (really wish someone would have told me that)
I hear the process is about $500 & I believe shipping (depending on where one lives) is about $125 each way .... :eek: OUCH !!! ....... but it's still cheaper than buying factory camo fenders ... :dontknow:

This finish is also a tad on the brittle side. Not terrible, but you certianly have to pay more attention to it than normal plastics. To do it over again, I'd go the route B-Dub went.
Brittle ?? Dang, that wouldn't be good for me ....... :laughing7:

I know I sure thought your Grizz was a "Knock Out" .... not sure how you parted with it ... I tend to get to "Attached" to my toys .... :love4:

Like I wrote in an earlier post, the camo "Tape" is the best IMO ... for ease (and it's not that easy) of installation, cost, & durability. It may not be to everyone liking, as it's not "Shiney" at all ... but it's OK. :eek:ccasion14:

Later .....
The process, when I did it, was $600. The shipping was $150 each way (maybe a lil more). That price was because I have a good contact at a frieght line. UPS wanted $1200 round trip and FEDEX and DHL wanted about $600 round trip.

If one lived close the shop it wouldn't be too terrible bad.

Ouch ! :eek: .... Ouch !! :BangHead: ..... and OUCH !!!!! :crybaby2:

Thanks for the link ... I'll check it out.

Later ...
No problem Major. :hello:
BAST%$# !!! :pottytrain2: ....... I hate officers !!!! :angry4: ....... OK, GW or B-Dub ..... you did that just to really "Irk" me didn't ya .... and now look what happened ........ some wingnut (no offense Battlegun) is call'in me "Major" :sad2: ........ Hows about ... you change me back to being a Smilie "Whore" :notworthy: .... at least they are work'in for a liv'in ........ sorta ........

$1200! Holy cow! were you shipping the entire bike to be dipped.
Yeah, that's kinda steep. Last time I priced factory camo, it was about $1300 not counting the gas tank cover .... or shipping .......

Later ....
Yeah. I was in the UPS store and had everything set to go and they told me their price. I picked up my plastics and walked out.
It sure seems like a rip off, I'll say that .....

Gunny, you didn't like the title "Sergeant Major" either. I mean common. Is there any rank you do like? You don't like field grade officers and you don't like senior NCO's? I'm confused. ??? And why are you calling me a wing nut ???
Wing Nut ...... Ah .... I mean, Battlegun, Ole Buddy ...... I don't remember say'in I didn't like senior NCO's .... cause I am one ..... and No, No, No .... I didn't mind the label "Sergeant Major" .... I made a "wise crack" about being a "Major Pain" because of some my past issues with figuring out on how to turn the computer on ... not "THINKING" about the "Major" thing ..... my mistake .... I owe ya 20 ....... but when you CALL me "Major" ... that gets my attention ........ Savvy ?? :beer"

No biggie really .... well ........ sorta .......

Later ...
Holy crap! Y'all are driving me to want to drink! :eek:ccasion14:
Don't try to lay that crap on us .... we know yer just thristy :beer"

In an effort to pull this thread back down to earth, the water transfer printing is a very good looking application. In all honesty, it will turn the ugliest of quads into a show item. HOWEVER, as I mentioned before, you HAVE to take care of it more so than regular plastics. I did everything according to the "book" and went for my first ride with Mud Bugs on A PAVED ROAD and threw a rock and chipped it. It was the next day I ordered the Bighorns. lol.

If any of our members are considering this application, please know that you will have one of the sickest looking quads out there, but I can not voucher for how long it will hold if rode aggressively.
Well, I just got in contact with HydroGraphX out of Lehi, Utah (Lucky me) last nite ... they quoted me it would cost approx $500/550 to do my Grizzly fenders & gas tank cover. :cheer: and NO SHIPPING ... Damn, that saves a bundle for me big time :icon_thumright:

I asked the guy about it being "Brittle" ... he "Claimed" their product is, and I quote .... " it is extremely durable. It is the same system the factory uses. The snowmobile at the show that was dipped in snow camo has performed very well and has gone through trees, rolled and been abused. We have dipped several side x sides and 4 wheelers and have performed very well also. "

However, as you mentioned Battlegun ... I'd have to watch it to see if that statement is just a "Selling Ploy" ....... so I'm think'in .... maybe later this year (or sooner), I may remove the camo clad stuff & get my plastic "Dipped" .... ;;t;;

If I do, I'll report on it .... Damn, I'm all excited now ... :cheer2: :cheer2:

Later ....
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Shipping on lightweight big stuff sux. ...... They said it was due to the size of the box but it being so light. What the hell kinda sense does that make???? ....
Maybe they're covering their collective butts incase a big wind comes up & blows the "Lite" stuff out of their trucks ?? :rotfl:

WHAT ?? ... :hello:

I just bought some fenders & the gas tank cover from a guy in Ohio :cheer2: :yay2: :cheer2: :yay2: ... the shipping was $125. :sad11: But I'm not sure if that's for 3 boxes, two boxes, or just one really big box ??

Later ....
You guys might already know about these places, but here's two places that do Hydo-Dipping out of Missouri ... so maybe shipping would be a tad cheaper ... and I'm not sure of pricing, but if anyone was interested, you can always contact them.

Dynamic Finishes - Water Transfer Printing

Welcome to Eagle Custom Graphics | Water Transfer Printing | Hydro-Dipping | Dip Print | Hydrographics | Camo-Dipping | Hydro-Dip | Hydro-Imaging | Hydrographic Dipping | Hydro-Printing

Later ...
Well, I just got my Hydro-Dipped fenders back ... I freak'in love'em !!! :cheer:


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That is awesome gunny! What did you do on the underside or did you just leave it the green color? Or did they dip both sides? :coolpics:
THANKS Battlegun :eek:ccasion14: .... the underside is the stock green ... and you can't really see it, however, what you can see, the green blends in & looks natural. :cheer:
I wish I would have had that insight when I did my old 660. Just like yours, the underside was stock green but the top was yellow and black. I had to do something. :violent1:
And I loved that "Hornet" look of your 660. :eek:ccasion14:

I wonder if a guy could do the inside of the fenders with this DYI Hydro-dipping kit Yelt posted ?? .... it would be interesting to try ... :beer"
I'm not 100% sure of how the process works but it stands to reason b/c they only do one side and the other side comes out untouched.

There are some days when I miss the 660. What a project that was.
Yeah, if a guy could do the inside of the fenders himself before ... it would be cool. But I think it would pretty difficult to do the fenders themselves. I mean, these guys have a huge tank & it's all the two of them can do to get it in & have the film adhere correctly :eek:ccasion14:

And I know what ya mean about miss'in yer 660 Battlegun ... I too have put a lot of time into making this Grizz "Special" & "Trail Worthy" ... I would hate to sell it ... and I'm not sure how the heck you let yours go :eek:

But you enjoy the new ride, correct ?? :cheer:
Well, I understand what yer say'in ... I bought a new truck (to me, an 01 Ford V10) & I do not wanta take it off road like I did my 74 ... which was modded to be off road ... sometimes the things we do .... sometimes one must sit back & say those four words of wisdom when modd'in something to "USE" .... "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID !!!" .......... :rotfl:
I'm a little late to the party, but Gunny that looks great. If you don't mind me asking what did that run? Where did you do it. I'm on the hunt for a project quad and in my opinion this is the best way to dress up a tired looking quad.
It cost me $600 for both fenders, the gas tank cover & the fenders flares. He did knock some off the price however. I then stripped all the stock decals & heat shields off the stock fenders. And I bought knew decals & heat shield to reinstall once I got the fenders back. So there's that cost as well. :eek:ccasion14:

I had it done by a local company (if 82 miles one way is local) ....
Black Ice Coatings

Check out the gallery & the testimonials.

You can ship stuff to them if you like, but shipping is pricey. (I know cause I bought this set of green fenders from a guy in Ohio)

If you do a google search for Hydro-Dipping in your area, you may find a place closer to where you live. :seesaw:
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