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Thought I would see what Camera(s) you guys are using. I'm now in the market for a camera that is good with video and pictures and it needs to be fairly compact.

Oh yeah, Click here to see the video endeavor that finished off my Nikon. It still works but is sort of messed up. :laughing7:
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Thanks GW. What's the video quality? I figure its hard to find a good pic cam that does good with flicks too. The claims made by the manufacture of this camera are certianly impressive.
Hebs said:
I use the Canon SD870 IS with the WP-DC17 underwater case... All together its still small enough to fit in my pants pocket... It takes great pics thru the case and the video is decent quality at 640x480 at 30fps...

It's an 8MP camera, which takes adequate point and shoot photos. I could have gone with a higher mega pixel camera, but after reading reviews online, this one was highly rated and beat out several higher MP cameras. It can probably take much better pics than what I have taken with it if I spent the time to fine tune it instead of using the auto mode... There is a plethora of settings and features that fit almost every lighting situation.

The only downfall is that the flash doesn't work well while it's in the case... The camera will cost you about $215 and the case goes for about $159... I would definitely recommend it... ;;t;;
Your avatar is devestating to my focus :dontknow:

Thanks for the input folks. Keep em coming.
Well I purchased another camera. Not wanting to spend a boat load of money I went with lesser quality camera than I wanted to get, but hey. It works and as long as I don't run over it...I'm good right.

I purchased an Olympus FE-330. Priced fair and has decent features. 8 pixel, steady shot, and the normal stuff. This is the first Olympus I've owned. I've had Nikon, Sony, and Kodak. Hopefully this one will be better than the last three.
I never followed up with this thread. The olympus I mentioned in the previous post went back to the store. It just plain sucked. I traded for a Sony Cyber Shot. That was a decent camera but my wife (bless her heart) left it beside the vehicle at a VA Tech Football game to go talk to a friend. It was quickly stolen along with her hat and her friends 1/2 gallon of Jim Beam. :cussing:

So now I'm back in the market for a camera. I'm seriously considering the Olympus in GW's post but I'm going to research a bit more before I do.
I'm seriously considering stepping up to something like the Canon Powershot S5 IS or the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50 . Reason being is that I can continue to upgrade such a camera with different lenses, etc.

Reality check is the fact that it wouldn't be easily deployed without being strapped to one's body. Last but not least, I can not keep a camera long enough to figure out all of it's possibilities with out running over it or getting it stolen. :(
Being scared of losing or destroying camera's, I opted to get the Canon SX110 IS. I vow to learn how to use ALL of the functions of this camera so maybe one day I can justify moving up to the next level.

I have heard nothing but good things with Canon. I hope they hold true.
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