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Brighter Lights!

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Hey I like to drive around at night and i like to go fast! :p So I was wondering if there are brighter bulb i can get or after market lights i can mount on the front or on my handle bars. I read some stuff about 6000k hid bulbs and piaa but i dont really now what any of it means lol so if any of you have any suggestions that'd be great. oh ya I have a 09 outlander 800 if that is needed. Thanks
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LED is the way to go. 1Bad800 has a 10" LED setup on his handlebars. Hopefully he'll chime in and put up some pictures and his thoughts.
I have a set of Baja Designs 4" cans on my handle bars. They come with mounting hardware but have to be fabed to go on the handle bar mount. Just a thought.
The rigid industries 10 inch led its the way to go. Pulls virtually no power and is durable as hell. Plus a lot less expensive than the baja designs lights.

Here a pic on my quad.


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