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I bought my 660 Grizzly new, and I was so excited I hoped on and rode it. :happy2: Then I found out about Yamaha's recommended break in. :sad2: When I rode I didn't hold anything back, but I wasn't too "aggresive" with it alot either. I did some slow idle type riding, some medium range speed, and not really too much WOT because the machine was new to me and I didn't want test my limits and fail the test if you know what I mean.

How did ya'll break your quads in? I figure if it would have been a big deal the dealer would have mentioned it, yes I trust the dealer, but he could have simply forgotten.
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What you did was fine. I always tried to follow the manuals breakin procedures.. But after I did I found this article.
I have built lots of engines from v twin harley davidsons to 700 hp v8 engines and my break in is as follows double check every thing from oil pres. to timing to feul mixture after that its wide open throttle ah yeh make sure the engine is at operating temp first and formost.
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