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When we began our Project-X build on a 2009 Can-Am Renegade 800-X, we new that we were going to be doing a lot of things to it to really set it aside from your typical Can-Am Renegade 800-X. Although tires and wheels are a given, there are only so many options available that will really push it aside as being very different than the average quad. So, we knew that finding someone that could design us a custom graphics kit for our Renegade 800 was a must. That trick then would be finding just that perfect person that would be creative, patient and could produce us a quality product.

After searching high and low and not really coming up with any results from from a company advertising a custom renegade 800 graphics kit that actually met our standards, we decided we would have to be creative in our search criteria. By looking for companies that specialized in graphics kits for other powersports industries like snowmobiles and motocross, we found a company out of Plymouth Minnesota that does just that. Specializing in Custom Vinyl Graphics is Blown Concepts and the brains behind the operation is Robb Kaiser. When it comes to creativity, perfection and patience, all we can say is Robb is the man and his operation Blown Concepts is the plan!

After deciding on a color palette, Robb gave us an initial design for review. There was actually very little tweaking we did aside from putting Project-X sponsor logos in place and getting a final draft. With Robb's vast experience in the field and his keen eye, we decided to let him be the judge on what would look best in our colors and he did just that.

Once the final design had been determined, Blown Concepts printed the decals, laminated them with a very thick and protective clear vinyl to prevent scuffing and light scratches and sent them to us.

The installation went quite well and everything fit just as it needed to. Robb had given us pointers on the phone as to how to apply the decals and offered his verbal assistance should any questions arise during the process.

Although Robb is a professional and can lay these sets on probably in almost the perfect spot without a bubble or crinkle, that is not easy for the inexperienced without a little bit of help. While Robb can simply peel and stick, we preferred the installation to be a little more forgiving to our lack of experience.

So, based on his recommendation, we put a single drop of dish washing detergent in a spray bottle, then filled the bottle with water. Prior to applying the decal, we sprayed a lioght coat to the surface with our water solution. After we had the decal in the proper position, we then took a squeegie like you would use for body panel repair and smoothed out any water or air bubbles that were left behind. Working from front to back until the job was complete, it took us a couple of hours to have everything installed. What can we say, we're slow!

Overall Impression:
We can't think of a single way for this custom graphics kit for the Renegade 800 to have been more satisfactory unless Robb had installed it for us himself. However, there are many miles between Blown Concepts and ATVTorture so that was an unavoidable circumstance to be dealt with.

Final Thoughts:
If asked if we thought your average person could do the install themself or would it have to be done by a professional, we would say the average person could do it.

The Blown Concepts product is very nicely made, very durable and very forgiving during the application process. Using a spray bottle for the installation seems to be the key for someone that has never done such an installation before. With some time to work with and a bit of patience, you will be able to do it on your own and end up with an amazing looking quad, thanks to Robb Kaiser of Blown Concepts.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and these pictures speak for themselves.

Contact Information:
(Web site) Blown - sled graphics, atv graphics, Design, Printing, Installation, custom snowmobile graphics
(Phone) 763.694.8951
(Email) [email protected]
(Address) 2078 East Center Circle, Plymouth, MN, 55441

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