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When we first underwent this KFX 450R project we wanted to do something besides what was already out there on the market for this particular sport quad. Now we are not saying that what is out there is not good enough for us but, lets just say we wanted to jazz things up a little bit. Once again we decided to call upon the guy who knows it all, Robb Kaiser, owner of Blown Concepts.

Robb is the type of artist that can somehow dig deep within and use his, what has got to be vivid imagination, and come up with the most unbelievable graphics you have ever seen. After talking with Robb we were surprised to find out that Robb had actually not done a KFX 450R yet and that this was going to be his first. Right off the bat, the excitement starts, and the ideas of what Blown Concepts is going coming to come up with is killing me, trying to anticipate what is to come.

It did not take him to long after he had to do us a huge favor and drive to his nearest Kawasaki deal and take measurements for the new graphics kit, instead of us having to ship plastics to him to us for the templates. Now that is what I like to call SUPER customer service, a company, Blown Concepts that is, who is willing to take time out of their day to help a bunch of ATV loving junkies, surly deserves a great big pat on the back as well as an A+ for their services to the industry. Robb quickly got his first design to us and with very little tweaking to it, we fell in love. A few minor color changes and the Blown Concepts KFX 450R design was born. Within a week the vinyl was printed, rolled, and ship to the garage where it would all go down.

I am railroader by trade, I am no engineer nor am I a professional graphics installer but what I can say is, cheat a little bit. Blown Concepts had suggested in the Project-X build that adding a tiny bit of dish washing soap to a squeeze bottle and filling it the rest of the way with water can do wonders. Before trying to place the graphics lightly spray the plastics down, this will allow for adjusting once graphics are applied, instead of them sticky in the wrong position. Believe me, this is something you would like to avoid because in most cases you are only going to get one chance at this without the graphics being ruined. I don’t want to scare or deter anyone from adding graphics because the can sure set a quad off, I am saying take the necessary steps to do it right and you will surly reap the benefits. And by calling Robb at Blown Concepts you will truly set yourself aside from the rest of the field.

Just a few tools to consider using when applying your new graphics from Blown Concepts, of course! Any kind of squeeze bottle will work well, small squeegee, and a heat gun will also help out greatly to dry up those few air bubbles that just don’t want to work themselves out. If you don’t have a heat gun a hair dryer serves the same purpose. And the biggest tool of all is time and patience. Don’t try and get in a hurry, you take the rest of ruining the kit, take your time work slow and it will come out looking like Blown Concepts was in you garage.

My thought overall about this product is quite simple, GENIUS! Not only do the graphics look incredible but they do serve a purpose as well. These super tuff vinyls protect the body of the quad from minor scratches and scuffs that may occur while riding. And if anybody knows anything about anything black will scratch faster than any color out there. So it was a no brainier with having black plastics on the KFX 450R Blown Concepts would help greatly. Also they make clean up super easy by allowing the dirt and mud to fall right off with a little pressure, after clean simply take a damp towel and wipe it down and the graphics become new again. The graphics from Blown Concepts are super durable and do not stain or show color fade after being exposed to the elements.

Its real simple, GENIUS! GENIUS! GENIUS! Blown Concepts is without a doubt an industry leader in the graphics world and it shows. Robb has allowed in on his beautiful designs as well as taking his designs to the X-Games level. Huge thanks goes out to Robb for his help in this Kawi project and we look forward to seeing what new designs come out of Blown Concepts in the future.


Contact Information:
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(Phone) 763.694.8951
(Email) [email protected]
(Address) 2078 East Center Circle, Plymouth, MN, 55441

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