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Black Rhino Performance - Rhino 660 CDI Module Review

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In the name of speed and power improvements, ATVTorture is always looking for ways to get the most out of every machine that we own. We recently acquired a a 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660 and naturally, had to start right off the bat to try to help this sluggishly performing UTV. The first thing that anyone that is used to powerful ATVs is that the Yamaha Rhino has a rev limiter that limits it to a not so impressive 38MPH and it could certainly use some help getting even to that speed faster.

The first thing on our agenda was to replace the factory CDI box with an aftermarket unit that could help to improve this otherwise awesome machine. With this thought in mind, we knew just who to turn to, as one of the best names in the UTV industry as a builder of quality Rhino parts, and that was Black Rhino Performance. After speaking with Black Rhino Performance about what kind of hopes we had for our new, well new to us, Rhino, they assured us that their CDI box would be an excellent start for big things to come.

When our new Black Rhino stage II CDI module arrived, we were jittery with excitement to see what it would do and eager to get it installed. The installation is straight forward and the instructions are easy to follow. The factory CDI box is mounted inside the battery box, under the right side of the hood. Held on by a single 10mm bolt and nut, it can easily be removed with basic tools. After removing the bolt that secures the factory unit, there are 3 electrical plugs, each of different sizes, that are connected to it. You simply depress the locks on each plug and gently pull it off of the CDI unit. Because the 3 plugs are of different sizes, you cannot get them confused when replacing them onto the new Black Rhino unit. So, with the factory unit now completely disconnected, simply reverse the process of reinserting the plugs onto their appropriate connections, and bolt the new CDI box back in the same place the original one was.

As you can see in the image below, the 3 plugs are very easy to differentiate as to which connector from your factory wiring harness should plug in where.

Once the installation was complete, the anticipation was killing us to see what it would do, and how much of a performance improvement we would notice over stock, by doing nothing more as of yet but this one little add-on that took us 5 minutes to install. We quickly jumped in and fired it up. With the new box installed, our Rhino started easily and actually idled smoother than with the stock CDI in, both of which are achieved by the BRP improved timing curves and increased spark energy. After doing a quick check to confirm that our stock Yamaha digital dash and all of the lights worked properly, we found that all functions of the digital dash performed just as as it did with the factory CDI module in tact and once we started to move, also confirmed that the MPH also worked properly. So far, so good!

OK, enough of the minor details, we're moving on to the good stuff. Pedal to the medal and off we go! Right away, we could tell that the Black Rhino Performance CDI module improved throttle response by giving it a heavier punch when you nail the throttle. Out of the hole power was also greatly improved over stock. Most importantly to us too was the fact that with this simple installation, the 38MPH our Rhino used to top out at, was a thing of the past. In stock form, Yamaha crippled these units by putting a rev limiter at 6800RPMs. To alleviate this problem, Black Rhino Performance increases that limiter to 7800RPMs, keeping it well within a safe operating range for the engine. By doing so, our Rhino 660 was able to reach 51MPH on our handheld Garmin 60CSx GPS unit on flat ground and the ambient air temperature at 95 degrees. Not only the out of the hole power improved greatly and a higher top speed was achieved, the the mid-range improvement in power was very noticeable as well. By doing a 100 yard dash against another Rhino 660, still equipped with his stock CDI and a full Muzzy exhaust, we were able to beat him by 3-4 Rhino lengths in the end.

A short video speaks for itself.

Overall Impression
All-in-all, we could not be more pleased with what our very first modification to our Rhino has provided for us. Because at this point, we have not done additional performance modifications, we did not have to do any re-jetting of our carburetor. However, additional modifications such as airbox mods and exhaust may require that. We look forward to possibly trying out other products from Black Rhino Performance for our Rhino to improve clutch functioning and result in additional power gains.

Priced at only $229, this is a must have upgrade for anyone looking for an inexpensive bolt on that can be done in just minutes and requires no additional tuning.

Additional Product Details (from manufacturer's site)
Introducing the all new Stage II Rhino CDI module. The BRP CDI eliminates the stock Rhino CDI's speed limiter, raises the stock rev limiter from 6800 to 7800 (well within the engine's safety range), and eliminates the reverse rev limiter. It is completely compatible with the stock Rhino panel lights, as well as the Yamaha Rhino Digital Dash. This is a plug-in replacement for the Rhino factory CDI.

While results vary between vehicles, top end speed is typically increased by 25%. This CDI also provides increased spark energy which makes for easier starting and improved throttle response.

Looking for 'bang for the buck' in performance parts? Nothing comes close to the BRP Performance CDI!
  • Improved Timing Curve
  • Increased Spark Energy
  • Easier Starting
  • Higher Rev Limiter
  • Removed Reverse Limiter
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Fully Compatible With the Rhino Digital Dash
  • Compatible With All 660 Rhinos (Model Years 2004 On)
  • Full 1 Year Limited Warranty
Contact Information
Black Rhino Performance
9343 Bond Avenue
El Cajon, CA 92021
United States

Phone - 619-561-5000
Web site -
Email - [email protected]

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