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Benz Quiet Muffler Add-on ... Not so sure

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Before I get into my first impressions of the Benz Quiet Muffler Add-on .... let me tell you what I have added to the Grizz.

I installed a Leo Vince X3 pipe. Love the pipe. Love the sound. I have the quiet core in & it sounds great in the garage .... but out rid'in, the "BarK' seemed to get to me after a while. Not sure, but maybe all after market pipes are this way & I have nothing to compare mine too. I had another Grizzly owner with an HMF Utility pipe who was suppose to come over so we could compare pipes. But he's stood me up three times, so screw him.

The other item I have just installed on the Grizz is a Hardline Tach/Hour meter. This little item is kinda interesting to watch. (Hope I don't wreck because I'm watch'in it & not where I'm go'in !!??)

So today the Benz Quiet Muffler is delivered. I rush out to make this fit on the Leo Vince pipe. I put the "Power Core" in (105 dbs), held up the Benz Muffler Adapter & determined, it just might work. I had to drill a couple holes in the backend of the Leo exhaust can & I was hoping this wouldn't ruin a perfectly good pipe.

I got the adapter attached to the "Power Core" insert & got all those pieces installed on the backend of the exhaust can. Looks kinda cool .... Sounds bad .....

Now to attach the Benz Quiet Muffler ..... becasue I have this Moose rear bumper, I couldn't attach the muffler permanently ... so I just slipped it on over the adapter ......... DAMN ..... that is quiet ....... HOWEVER ........ and this is where the little tach is nice ..... my rpms dropped by 200 to 240 rpms.

Is that good ??? ....... I slipped the Benz Muffler off ..... the rpms came right back up !?

The claim is, no power loss with this Benz Muffler installed ......... I'm not so sure now.

The bike revved up nice still .... it's just at idle ... it was being .... for lack of a better word ... "Restricted" ........

I'm still going to make the necessary modifications to get this Benz Muffler mounted & try it out rid'in .... but it may be a couple weeks.

In the mean time, since the snow is gone from where I'm going riding this Friday, I reinstalled the quiet core adapter with the Leo Vince spark arrestor. Now this combination was "Softer" than just the open quiet core .... interesting ..... so I'll give this combinationa a try & see what I think of the noise level for everyday rid'in.

Bottom line .... The Benz Quiet Muffler Add-on did quiet down the exhaust noise .... but at what cost ??

And I really like that little tach !

Later ...
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Do yo have any pics??? Can you turn your idle up to offset the decrease in RPM's?
Oh yeah, I could turn the idle up ...

Here are some pic's of the Benz Muffler off the bike ... Two here & two more in the next post ...

I would also like to mention ... I wasn't real pleased with the finished edge of the exit pipe on the exhaust, or the mounting flange pipe piece. They had very ragged edges. I mean, I can cut metal & leave so it'll rip or tear anything it touches ... but when I get a product from a company ... I expect them to take some "Pride In Workmanship" .... but remember, I've worked on military aircraft for over 28 yrs & the air force is very critical of a "Finished" product.


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Here's a pic of the other parts that came with it ... & one of how the adapter is going to look on the end of the Leo VInce "Power Core".

I don't have any pic's of the Muffler on the bike .... those will follow after I get it mounted .... if anyone wants to see.

Later ...


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I can't speak for the one for the 660 but the one I put on my 700 did not reduce idle at all and made an insane reduction in sound. When I slip mine on and off for people standing nearby, they can't believe the difference in sound it makes. I was lucky that with my LRD exhaust, it slips tightly inside the tip for a perfect fit. I just got lucky from that standpoint, and am glad I did.
BusterW ... I totally agree. I put that power core in & as we all know, they are loud ..... slipped the Benz muffler on & Holy Crap .... now that's quiet.

I need to get a sound clip of the difference (if I can figure out to post'em here or on photobucket or where ever ...) for everyone to hear.

I was just surprised it "Slowed" the motor down. (According to that tach as well as my "tuned ear" ... WHAT ??)

I'm sure I'm gonna run it, once I figure out how to mount it with all the other crap I have at the rear of my machine ..... Jeez !

Later ...
Is the "power core" you're referring to a part of the Leo I assume? I don't have a quiet core in my LRD and it's actually quieter with the Benz on it than the factory exhaust is with the Benz on it. I'm assuming it's b/c the LRD is a higher decibel and maybe the benz is quieting the higher decibel on the LRD better than it quietens the lower decibel on the factory. Who knows. :dontknow:
Yeah, the Leo pipe came with four different exhaust ends. Two Quiet Core ones, where one is used with the spark arrestor screen. And two Power Cores ones, where one is used with the spark arrestor. (see pic's below).

So I bolted the Benz Muffler adaptor to the Power Core for the spark arrestor because it's flush on the exit end. And boy did the Benz Quiet Muffler quiet that bad boy down.

In the one photo you can see the Quiet Core for use without the spark arrestor & the Leo Vince pipe end cover around that.

Later ...


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The Leo seems very nice with all the differnet ends they send with it. Very impressive!

I can't imagine anything quieter than the Benz Silent Rider.
It is a nice pipe & I really wanted to do a write up on it for everyone. But the guy with the HMF that "SWORE" he would meet me for some comparsion testing ... has never showed up. So I kinda hate to do a write up with nothing to compare it too ... Savvy ??

Oh, don't get the name "Quiet Core" mixed up with actually being "Quiet". It's just not as loud as the Power Core. I think the stock Grizzly pipe is 89 dbs. The Leo Quiet Core is 92 db's & the Power Core is 105 db's.

I'm looking real forward to getting that Benz Muffler attached (somehow) & going for a ride ... cause you can actually hear your engine with that muffler on .... SWEET !!!

I was just a little concerned becasue of the rpm drop. Like you mentioned, it may be nothing that will hurt performance ... I just need to turn the idle up .... but I wasn't expecting that to happen.

Later ...
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Well, I have an update for anyone who's interested. I would like to say, I was scrolling down thru this thread, & all the pics are gone ?? ... Not sure why ??

Anyway, I'm going to write up what I did here & "Try" to attach some pics. Casue if the pics don't come thru, then the write up will be worthless.

OK, here's goes ... first, I took some 16ga metal & made an "Exhaust End" plate. I then drilled the required holes to bolt it to the Leo exhaust end. I then cut a large hole for the exhaust to exit .... lined up the Benz Silent Muffler adapter & opened up the hole to give me max exhaust flow.

Next I welded the Benz Silent Muffler adapter to the exhaust end plate. I welded both the entire outside & inside circumference of the adapter in hopes I wouldn't have any leaks. (I think I succeeded)

I then slipped on the Benz Silent Muffler & it seems to work just fine. I bolted it down, started the bike to check everything .... I didn't feel any leaks with my bare hands, so here's hoping.

I'm going out Wednesday to explore an old area, getting one more ride on tires before I go to tracks ... WOO HOO !!!!

Here's some pics of how it all looks.

Later ....


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I'm not trying to be an arse here, but this sure does seem like a lot of work to make a quad quiet. Most people work like this to get the opposite...loud.

If I ever put an exhaust on my Outy, I will def. keep the stocker handy for the quiet season. This ATV is relatively quiet in the stock form (but you can def hear the V-Twin working). Sounds kinda like a sport bike.

Anyhow, what's done is done. I hope you get the Benz working the way it should. Keep us posted.
So, tell me Battlegun ... where are ya try'in to be an arse ?? ... LOL !!!!

First, you have to remember, the Benz muffler is designed to work with a "Stock" exhaust. So, if ya have a stock muffler & buy a Benz, it goes right on ... no worries !
Now, if your a lucky SOB like BusterW was, it will slip right onto your after market pipe ... the Bast%#$ !!!

I knew up front I would have to "Customize" it when I bought it cause I had the Leo Vince pipe. Heck, what I did to make it work ain't nothing dude .... I paid $3500.00 for tracks & you ought to see what I had to do to them to make me feel happy. Jeez, took me all summer.

Besides, beats the heck outta watch'in the tube .... & gives me something to post on the forum .... WHAT ??

Later ....
What I was implying is that woudn't it be easier to just reinstall the the stock pipe? Even if you reinstall the stocker with the benz it beats ripping up a great aftermarket pipe. JMHO.
Now after I bought a really nice after market exhaust system, why in the H*ll would I wanta put that stock can on ??

And before ya go ..."Well, so ya can use that dang quite muffler ya spent to much damn money on stupid !" ..... my stock exhaust can developed a very large & long crack in it. So it was toast !

Besides .... I like to tinker.

Later ...
Well, I don't know about the Advocate part ..... but .........

As for tinkering .... it CAN get expensive .... Savvy ??

Later ...
Well Gunny, I gotta be on your side on this one. It's a hell of a lot easier to slip the Benz on than it is to swap pipes. Plus, if you're like me, the Benz may only be on when you go hunting or when you wanna slip in somewhere incognito. Other times, I don't want it on.

So, if I need it, I grab a socket and the bolts and have it on in under a minute. When I'm done, it's back off in the same time and I have my loud exhaust back, just the way I like it. Screw swapping exhaust all the time.

Now some folks may be different and for hunting season, may just put there factory exhaust back on and leave it on the entire season. Not me. I'll never go back to factory exhaust.
No need to take sides.

I was just offering a solution to cutting and drilling a $300-$400 dollar performance exhaust. I can't speak for the Grizz 700 but the 660 pipe is super easy to put on and take off. At least it was for me when I installed a HMF Utility on on a Grizz 660. The only thing I had to do was take the engine panel off and turn some bolts. And if the carbed machine is running a DAJ it would be simple as turning the dial to adjust the jetting for the new restriction.

Of course if the silencer fits on the exhaust without any issues then my suggestion is not even valid. And if someone just wants to tinker...tinker on.
OMG !!! .... BusterW agreed with me on one ?? ... Let me catch my breath for a minute .... OK, I'm good ! .... ;;s;;

BusterW ... I tried the Benz muffler on the Leo pipe earlier this summer. I adapted the Leo end plate, which I feel, helped slow the flow a little, & was pretty darn quiet.

Now with this "Custom" end I made, as you can tell from the pics ... it's max flow. The exhaust tone seems louder than I remember, but it's still pretty quiet. Quieter than the Leo Quiet Core anyway.

So I'm go'in rid'in tomorrow & I'll see what I think. If I like it, it doesn't seem to hurt performace any .... I may leave it on all the time. But it'll either be the Benz muffler or the Leo Quiet core. I rode last weekend with the Loud core & it got to me after a while.

Battlegun ... maybe I didn't make it very clear, but I didn't have to modify the Leo pipe in any way. What I did was, I removed the Leo end plate, & exhaust tip ... made a new end plate out of some 16ga flat metal, & welded the Benz adapter (that would bolt onto the stock Grizzly 660 can) to the new end plate.
I then bolted that to the Leo exhaust can using the factory screws. So I didn't change the Leo pipe in any way ... just added the Benz muffler .... just like ya would to a stock exhaust. :cheer:

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