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Battery I.D. & Cross-Referencing

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I was doing some reaseach and found this, thought it may come in handy for everyone. The following link is to's powersports cross reference guide. It has many of the 07-older batteries, and breaks it down to tell you what your quad takes and then tells you the number that corresponds to your battery at other retailers. I hope you guys find this helpful, and maybe it will save you a couple bucks, too!:thumbup:
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Thank you, you saved me a couple bucks already , that was a good find. That told me I have the wrong batter installed, Thats what started all my electrical issues most likely. I need a high performance battery, thats not what I bought. So , thanks again.
Glad it helped you out, that was the goal! Godd luck with the electrical issues! I saw them and sorry, wish I had some good info for ya!
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