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is there a benifit of one(besides stoping the sparks) is it needed, is it bad for the motor. or does it benifit the motor.

found on

all it does is replaces your baffle with a flat peace of metal with a 2 inch bent peace of pipe. do you guys think this would effect the quad. i want to make my grizz louder. but if I could I would just remove the baffle.



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I think what you are talking about is the exhaust tip. I would not run the quad without one just because I'm OCD and I wouldn't feel comfortable without a spark arrestor (if you ride federal or state trails you are required to have one).

The scoop on the tips found on ebay and other places are easy. They give your quad a deeper, throatier sound. They don't give you an increase in power as they might claim (if they swear by it, get them to show you a documented Dyno Test). But, they are a great way to gain some sound without a lot of money.

2R Racing offers one of the most popular exhaust tips for the grizz. (Google search em.) Serious....I had one on my grizz before I installed the exhaust. It really made difference SOUND wise. Nothing else.

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Battlegun is right. You need a whole new exhaust to gain a few more HP. If you want a different sound, then it's worth the money. The 2R tip is nice. In fact I have one I will sell you fairly cheap for a 700 Grizz if you are interested.

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The 2R tip is a nice aluminum tip that looks much better than that one. I'll agree they add no power improvement but do sound a lot better than stock. The 2R tip also removes the internal baffle but comes with a little spark arrester screen. When I had a grizz and stock exhaust, I ran the 2R without the screen and never had a problem.

If I were you and considering one, I would take GrizzWiz up on his offer of a cheap price as the 2R one is way nicer and better looking.

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