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Bad Marks for the High Lifter Mud Nationals

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Mixed Emotions at the 2008 High Lifter Mud Nationals

Story and photos by Brent Deen

This was yet another three-hour wait in the woods. Check out the beer cans. Come on guys, have some respect.

Since 2003, High Lifter has promoted the largest mudding ATV event in the world. It's appropriately held in the great state of Texas, Mud Creek Off Road Park in Jacksonville, Texas to be exact. As much as I am appreciative that High Lifter chooses to offer such a thing, I’m also having mixed emotions over the event as a whole.........READ MORE>>>
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If what was written is indeed true I think this will be a bad mark for the High Lifter Gang.
I dunno, I think this definately leaves a bad mark on the event, but not on the highlifter gang. I think they are a big enough company to step up to the plate and make the corrections necessary to prevent this. Only time will tell. But I wholeheartedly agree with that article.
I think anytime you are going to have that style of event you are going to have the same atmosphere. More than likely 40% or more of the people who went probably considered it a party rather than competition.
I also re-read the complete story and have a feeling that the writer came off sounding a bit biased. And he had commented on the riders and the safety factor but yet nothing was mentioned in regards to the safety factor of the freestyle show.
I can see what you mean. But I think he would have said the same if they were drinking and had a pile of empty cans around them with no helmet on while doing jumps.
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